February 9, 2018

Free Writing Essay #1

Some the ideas that come to mind when I listened to the other audio essays include maybe a favorite memory involving sports that I have played in the past (basketball, baseball, football) because sports is a big thing in my life. Another idea could be an event in my life that occurred that I haven’t been able to forget. Possibly an embarrassing moment, funny moment , or even a sad moment or time in my life. Another idea could be about the time I discovered my aspiration and how I plan to get there. Another idea could be about my family origin and how I came to be and how I embrace it. A more simple idea could be about the time I learned to ride a bike. Another idea could be the time that I had to face my stage fright for the first time in elementary school. I could also talk about my first day of high school and some of the stories that coincide. I could also talk about some of the hardships that not only I but my family has had to overcome such as being flooded out of our house twice during the Christmas season. We had no home for about 2 months and had to live in a hotel and also it happening two years in a row. The last idea that comes to mind is when I first learned


  • Introduction: First, I will give a brief idea of what I am going to be talking about. Most likely with the idea of the first time i had stage fright and how I somewhat conquered it. I will proceed to give a description of the scenery so the audience can get a feel of what was going through my head.
  • Body: Explain exactly what happened and how it went down.
  • Conclusion: In the end I want the audience to understand that this was a defining moment in my life because I would have never thought I would have done what I did. Also how it shaped me for somewhat of the rest of my academic career. Yes here and there I will get nervous but when it comes to presenting i am able to deliver

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