February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch:

In the beginning of my audio narrative about my first encounter with stage fright. Overall I want to start off by setting the scene so the audience listening to my narrative can be put into my shoes and than work my way into actually explaining the story. While doing these providing some examples of what I exactly was saying but not word for word. While Im giving the examples in between I also want to explain what was going through my head as I was delivering the speech. Than I will end the narrative by explaining how this encounter has shaped the way that I am today. From the story I want people to take away that although at times I may be timid, one of my labels could be outgoing.

This story develops the overall idea of how my life had changed from a simple encounter of stage fright. The story definitely indicates a growth because before this encounter I was very timid and would not really want to speak to anybody else. When I was younger I was very kept to myself but I can clearly remember that this was a turning point in my life because after this I became very outgoing and involved in many things within and out of school. From the story I learn that public speaking may not  be as frightening as people say but at the same time nerves may get to you but if you face it straight up you can accomplish it. Not only does that just go along with my story but in life if you have a fear/challenge if you are willing to face it there is nothing that can stop you.

Tone and setting scenery

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