March 9, 2018

In Class Writing

The topic that I chose to research and had an interest in was using Performance Enhancing Drugs and how in the sports environment it is one of the most disgraced things you can do. But there is also a side to it where people think that its ok to take Performance Enhancing Drugs for the health of the players. Most of the people, as am I, are not in favor of the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs because its similar to “cheating.” You gain an advantage that other players do not get to have, even if it is to help with your health. Sports talent are supposed to be something that you work on not that you are given.

When using wikipedia I usually try to steer away because many people are capable of changing its contents. But when it shows valid sources like from the article that I read I believe most of what it is stating. Some of the pros include information from many different point of views, easy access, and sometimes valid sources. But some of the cons include any body can change information at any time, could possibly be wrong information, and lastly no sources sited.

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