March 26, 2018

In Class Writing

If I was to label my family’s class I would have to say that we are a part of lower end working class. My fathers income is what supports our family as a whole, so when it comes to schooling not only does his paycheck help to pay for living expenses but it also is my sister and I’s funding for school. So when it comes to paying for school itself, for example USF it is very difficult to afford to come here but my family is willing to make the sacrifices for me to attend. I am very blessed to have a family that puts others before themselves, but there have been times throughout the school year that money has limited me and my education. For example as basic as affording supplies for projects for school.

Even though money has been an issue there has also been this type of pressure to do well because of my family. There is a type of culture within my family were we need to go to college to better ourselves and become so called “successful.” Although this may be true my parents have always told me they would be proud of me as long as I am doing something. But I want more than to just work a normal job so I pursued to go to college and earn a higher education.

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