April 9th, 2018

Video Essay Planning

Final Version:

Drone footage for about 15-20 seconds with music (Song: TBA for final draft)

Rough Draft:


1.) Around 20 secs of footage of the campus

2.) Include subtitles and music

Main Plot:

1.) mix in parts of the interview, quotes from the article, use the brochure, and quote info from the brochure.


1.) Finish with some drone footage of campus



Nate: Research the Major (Chemistry brochure, flyer, or information on website) (20-30 secs) and editing

Costa: Interview with Professor

-Why major is important? (20 secs)

-What can you do with this major? (20 secs)

Leo: Scholarly article pertaining to chemistry, textbook pertaining to chemistry (talk about both of these) (20-30 secs)


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