April 18, 2018

In Class Writing

Currently in my hometown the poverty, homelessness, and eviction rate are at an all time low. Steadily the rate for these three have been decreasing from the years 2007-2018. Many of the issues that still arise despite being at an all time low is the fact that landlords in Ventura County are complaining that they are being “accused/blamed” for the eviction rate. But recently had a hearing about how landlords want the real rate of eviction/homelessness because they believe that they are not the ones causing the problems.

In the essay by Desmond my county is able to relate to the fact that people within our communities are so close to each other that they will do anything to help one another when needed. Our homes are our main source of security and privacy and no one in our county wants others to be homeless. Since our county is so giving I believe thats why our rate is so small compared to before. For example when the big fire broke out in Ventura County last December, when people were losing their houses our community stood together and made sure that all of them were able to have shelter until they could get back on their feet. Despite the adversity our community became stronger because of it. The only thing that differs from the reading is that our poverty rate is really low.

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