April 30, 2018

In Class Writing

In regards to pursuing a higher education for more money it has been shown that obtaining a degree does somewhat increase your salary but the money spent in college to attend the university can possibly not be worth a ton. As stated by BenefitsPRO (2016) “study says a college diploma added $17,500 to a graduate’s annual salary but the extra money that those four years of college cost just isn’t worth it to many.” This quote shows that you do not need to attend college necessarily, because it can end up putting you into a financial hole. But obviously there are some professions, such as a M.D., that can eventually pay off. But if we are looking at making money right after college it could take a while until those funds are paid off with the salary you make from your career or job.


Satter, M. Y. (2016). Millennials, priced out of college, turning to blue-collar work. Benefitspro, 1.

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