February 26, 2018

In Class Writing

When it comes to my family we obviously do not strictly stick to one type of food we like to try different food from different cultures. I consider my family to eat Mexican Cultured food but not like fully in the culture of Mexican food. We barely scratch the surface of the true Mexican cultured food. We typically eat either burritos, tacos, enchiladas, menudo, or tostadas; but we tend to add our own variation and maybe not necessarily make it the “traditional” way. We also do tend to involve ourselves with the typical food found within the US. But we still do consider ourselves a part of the “Mexican” culture.

The food within the Mexican culture we tend to make does not cost much but is still very tasty and delightful. Although I am not full Mexican I cannot fully express the entire culture. Another culture I strongly associate with my family is the very “Americanized” type of food. So for example hamburgers and hot dogs that typically come from fast food places like McDonalds. Both of these cultures mixed together represent what I typically eat/consider my culture in a food sense.

February 21, 2018

There has been moments in my life where I feel like I have been “tokenized” to meet certain standards or criteria for one’s gain. One moment I can specifically tell you because of my gender I was placed into a more advanced class. In middle school we used to have this program called “Enrichment Reading” or “ER” for short. Every single of one of my classmates was a female and I happened to be the only male. The reason that I say this is because I had other friends that were males that were just as equally as smart as I was and still were not placed in the class. I felt like I was only put into the class because I was a male and happened to be the lucky one that was picked. So you could say because of my physical appearance I was placed into the advanced class.

When first seen by someone else for the first time I believe people think that I am just another boy ready to cause problems. People tell me when they first meet me they don’t believe how I act so much different from how I look. People typically see me as an average kid who doesn’t like to challenge himself. But truly in anything that I do I push myself to become better even if I may be horrible at first. When being seen someway different from how I look to me is somewhat comical because in the end I know how I truly carry myself and overtime when you get to know me more you learn truly who I am. I feel like being seen this way is not unfair but its a societal normal that we have to live with even if we don’t agree.

February 16, 2018

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February 12, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch:

In the beginning of my audio narrative about my first encounter with stage fright. Overall I want to start off by setting the scene so the audience listening to my narrative can be put into my shoes and than work my way into actually explaining the story. While doing these providing some examples of what I exactly was saying but not word for word. While Im giving the examples in between I also want to explain what was going through my head as I was delivering the speech. Than I will end the narrative by explaining how this encounter has shaped the way that I am today. From the story I want people to take away that although at times I may be timid, one of my labels could be outgoing.

This story develops the overall idea of how my life had changed from a simple encounter of stage fright. The story definitely indicates a growth because before this encounter I was very timid and would not really want to speak to anybody else. When I was younger I was very kept to myself but I can clearly remember that this was a turning point in my life because after this I became very outgoing and involved in many things within and out of school. From the story I learn that public speaking may not  be as frightening as people say but at the same time nerves may get to you but if you face it straight up you can accomplish it. Not only does that just go along with my story but in life if you have a fear/challenge if you are willing to face it there is nothing that can stop you.

Tone and setting scenery

February 9, 2018

Free Writing Essay #1

Some the ideas that come to mind when I listened to the other audio essays include maybe a favorite memory involving sports that I have played in the past (basketball, baseball, football) because sports is a big thing in my life. Another idea could be an event in my life that occurred that I haven’t been able to forget. Possibly an embarrassing moment, funny moment , or even a sad moment or time in my life. Another idea could be about the time I discovered my aspiration and how I plan to get there. Another idea could be about my family origin and how I came to be and how I embrace it. A more simple idea could be about the time I learned to ride a bike. Another idea could be the time that I had to face my stage fright for the first time in elementary school. I could also talk about my first day of high school and some of the stories that coincide. I could also talk about some of the hardships that not only I but my family has had to overcome such as being flooded out of our house twice during the Christmas season. We had no home for about 2 months and had to live in a hotel and also it happening two years in a row. The last idea that comes to mind is when I first learned


  • Introduction: First, I will give a brief idea of what I am going to be talking about. Most likely with the idea of the first time i had stage fright and how I somewhat conquered it. I will proceed to give a description of the scenery so the audience can get a feel of what was going through my head.
  • Body: Explain exactly what happened and how it went down.
  • Conclusion: In the end I want the audience to understand that this was a defining moment in my life because I would have never thought I would have done what I did. Also how it shaped me for somewhat of the rest of my academic career. Yes here and there I will get nervous but when it comes to presenting i am able to deliver

February 7, 2018

Essay 1 Discussion

The main expectations for this assignment is through auditorial techniques convey my message of some of the struggles I may have faced pertaining to my culture, my identity, or stereotypes. Along with the narrative, a song/soundscape should help convey my message and have meaning to it. This assignment also allows for a deeper understanding of myself and some of the good/bad experiences to my peers. Some of the strengths that I have when it comes to the composing process include being able to share my story and have music coincide with it. Not only to help describe but also give more insight of some of the struggles I have faced. Some of the challenges on this assignment include not liking how my voice sounds when recorded and being shy to share my story. I plan to address these challenges by accepting how my voice sounds and overcoming my timidness to just share my story. I generally think this is a good assignment to somewhat help with my fright of not being able to share, not only my story but ideas with the class.

February 5, 2018

Summary to Aaron’s Response:

In response to my classmate Aaron, after reading his response he greatly expresses the authors main points in a more concise way. Aaron hits the main point that is “Nothing can compare to racial tensions here in the U.S.” This is a very true statement from not only a political standpoint but within our daily lives. He than goes onto explain how this is just one case that is pretty bad but there have been far more cruel things that other races have had to deal with but especially African Americans. I agree also with his statement that Aaron is not surprised that Jamaica feels safer than New Orleans and New York City. Aaron also touches on the second reading “Class Dismissed” and conveys a great point that the lower class you are, typically the less amount of say you have within government. I totally agree with all the points he presents within the summary.

January 26, 2018

Meaning of Name Assignment:

My full given name given to me by my parents is Nathan Henry Centeno. The meaning behind Nathan is “Gift from God.” My name was given to me because the day after I was born at night my parents and my Nina to be were all sleeping in the Hospital and my Nina was luckily able to wake up because my bin I was sleeping in started to shake. So she immediately called a nurse and they were able to treat me because I had some type of blood poisoning. My middle name has a family attachment because I was named after my grandfather on my dads side who I was unable to meet unfortunately. My last name comes from Italy. I have never been really embarrassed with my name because I have my story that comes along with it.

I have only came up with one nickname and that is Nate and I only use it because it is shorthand for Nathan and I like it because its easy and nice to pronounce in my opinion.

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