Feb. 7, 2018

Audio Essay

The main expectations the assignment has are to write and record an audio essay that is 3 minutes long. This audio essay will be written about you and your life, specifically it will discuss personal experiences with facing issues about your identity, culture, and racial stereotypes. Music and background sounds can be used to support your story. Additionally, your voice will need to effectively tell your story with emotion. Any sources, such as music from an artist, will need to be sourced.

I think that in the audio essay, my strength will be writing about my personal experiences with the suggested topics. I think I have experiences that I can talk about, but on the contrary I am also not sure if I have enough to talk about. Going on weaknesses I will have during this assignment, I do not likeĀ  presenting in front of an audience. To address these weaknesses, I will need to first really think and brainstorm about an experience I can talk about and then also just accept the fact that the audience will be listening to my voice on a loud speaker.

I think this assignment is going to be interesting. I like the theme of this essay, but I am not excited for the audio part. I think it is an interesting twist to the standard RHET assignment because you do not usually hear an audio essay as an assignment; it is a good change from your standard essay, but some may prefer just a regular essay.

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