Feb. 9, 2018

In-Class Blog Writing

For this audio essay, the main idea is addressing issues that I have faced with identity, cultural background, or stereotypes. I think I have an idea on what I will talk about, something about how people assuming the races of others based on physical characteristics. This topic might be a little vague, but it is something that I definitely can talk about and something I feel strongly about. What I am thinking is to write about the ignorance present within everyone around us. There are so many different combinations of races that one can have that it is almost impossible to assume someone’s race. Although physical characteristics can lead to the correct race, we still cannot assume. For example, a lot of people do not guess my race correctly on the first try, which is totally understandable. I do not find it offensive nor am I complaining about it. I do not find it offensive when people ask me; I think I prefer it because then they know the truth rather than just assume a false assumption. I simply just want to address the fact that the human race is so uneducated when it comes to correctly identifying people by their race or even just being able to recognize that not everyone who looks hispanic is mexican, not everyone who looks asian is chinese, or saying that a white person is “just white.” Race is a part of someone’s identity and although I do not take offense when people make a mistake, others can really take it to heart. But don’t get me wrong. I am not perfect, I can’t tell you what race each person is in this room and that is exactly my point. People, including me, fail to recognize the diversity of our race. With being able to recognize different races will also come the elimination of a stereotype. I understand that sometimes stereotypes can be funny and sometimes can be true, but there are so many different people both outside and within a one race that it is wrong to label someone or peg a certain trait to a race. Some stereotypes can be so offensive and culturally disrespectful that I think our society sometimes does not realize the reality behind it because of the comedy that comes with a stereotype. I feel that it is important for us to become more educated. This could be a step forward in ending discrimination, stereotypes, hate crimes, bullying, gentrification, and much more.

The bolded text is what I think I will base my audio essay on. My race is a large portion of my identity. Since we have to talk about issues regarding our identities, I feel that this is a suitable topic.

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