Feb. 12, 2018

Audio Essay Script

My story will be about how my grandparents meeting influenced the way I identify myself. Where others may identify strongly with religion, their sexuality, gender, professions, personally, I identify greatly with my race. This is because I feel that it most represents me; it both represents my family as a whole and me individually. The story begins with my grandpa being born in China and my grandma being born in Mexico. As a teenager, my grandpa moved from China to Mexico and my grandma had began to work at a little restaurant. Coincidentally, this small restaurant that my grandma began to work at was my grandpa’s uncle’s restaurant. My grandpa had come to Mexico to work for his uncle at this same restaurant. This is where they met, this is essentially the beginning of our biracial family. Because I greatly identify myself with my race, I decided to talk about this story. They sacrificed so much to support and grow as a family. My family is a large component of both my race and my identity.

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