March 2, 2018

Michael, Amanda, Nicole

In-Class Writing

Which portrait most closely resembles your typical Thanksgiving experience? Least resembles?

Michael: Michael says that the picture on page 229; he relates to this picture the most because it looks like the people in the picture are praying. He says that his family always prays before their meal. The picture that least resembles his Thanksgiving experience is the picture on page 228. This is because there are not enough females in his family to relate to the picture and his mom just cooks the food and they eat it.

Amanda: Amanda says that the cartoon on page 229 resembles her Thanksgiving dinner the most because it looks like in the picture they are afraid “bird flu,” signifying an issue at the table. She says that at her Thanksgiving dinners, there always seems to be some sort of an issue. The least likely to resemble her Thanksgiving is the picture on page 229 (the picture Michael chose to resemble his family). She says that it does not resemble her family because the picture looks peaceful and happy and the family seems to be praying, which is not something her Thanksgiving consists of.

Nicole: I agree with Michael; the picture on page 229 resembles my Thanksgiving dinner the most because it seems uneventful and quiet. My Thanksgivings are usually quiet because we only have my immediate family there. I also relate to this picture because I also pray before our meal. The picture that least resembles my Thanksgiving would be page 230 because I do not have any close relatives that are soldiers or any affiliations to troops in that way. Also, there seems to be a lot of people at this gathering which is something that I do not relate to. To be honest, none of these pictures really resemble what my Thanksgiving looks like, but my Thanksgiving really looks nothing like this picture.

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