April 18, 2018

In my research, I have found an article called “Where Americans Are Facing Evictions.” This article covers multiple angles of eviction, how it affects people, who is the most susceptible, where it takes place the most often, and why. According to the article, families with multiple children are the most vulnerable of all. And they analyzed that this comes to show the burden of childcare costs. They also point out, in regards to race, that the black population always seems to have a somewhat significant rate of eviction. Even if they have a degree or a high level of education, their percentage is higher than any other race. They also address the misconception that the highest eviction rates are probably in cities that have high costing houses, such as San Francisco. But the reality is that it is also the places¬† with low median incomes and high rates of foreclosure, like Memphis,¬† Phoenix, and Atlanta. In more general terms, the higher eviction rates are geared towards the South and MidWest.

“Eviction is a cause, not just a condition, of poverty.”

-Matthew Desmond

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