April 25, 2018

I have only had one job and it was a summer day camp counselor at the YMCA by my house. I know that my conditions are nothing compared to those experiences mentioned in the reading, but working at the YMCA was quite horrible and physically tiring. I was in charge of the 4-6 year olds and sometimes it would just be me leading a group of 30 kindergarteners running around with energy levels that never seized to lower. This is not only physically draining for me, but it is also against the rules. There is a certain ratio of counselors to kids that we were supposed to follow in order to ensure the safety of the children, but sometimes that rule was dismissed. Sometimes I would only get a 15 minute lunch break for a 9-5 shift and that is also against the rules. I mean I still did it because there was no one else to watch the kids, but it was still wrong of my bosses to put me and other counselors under that circumstance. As camp progressed, these conditions began to be less and less stressful, which I was grateful for, but there would be some occasions where somehow all of the counselors were gone and it would be 3 of us against 40 kids.

As for my family, my grandma began to work when she was in sixth grade. She had to leave school in order to help my great grandma take care of the whole family. Other than being significantly young, I do not think that my grandma endured any significant hardships throughout work. Once she moved to the states, she did not withhold any jobs or positions. My parents both work in a company that issues government paperwork. They both do not really enjoy their jobs, but they do what they have to in order to support me and my siblings. As far as vacation and sick days go, their bosses are fairly lenient. Nothing seems to equivocate the conditions that those people endured in McClelland’s story. Although jobs may not be perfect or you may not get a full lunch break, does that really compare or does that really allow you to complain when some people lose body parts or pass out from their so-called  occupations?

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