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Shared Value Engagement

We know how essential is to network for any career developments. For the nonprofit sector engagement is not just about networking and it is not just about careers. It is about establishing sustainable initiatives, innovative solutions, and socially impactful programs. We would not be able to do so without the support, collaboration and cross-sector leadership of many stakeholders who share the same concern to ‘change the world‘ and support ‘inclusive communities‘. The MNA Program, in addition to career related events and connections with key leaders and alumni, offers the opportunity to ‘get your foot on the door’ of key organizations and fields. The MNA program does so through curricula embedded practical activities consulting with nonprofit organizations and social enterprises who shared the same passion for  better organizations and societies. It does so also through co-curricula activities like the many conferences, events and connections that the San Francisco and Bay Area provides. The complexity of social problems require integrated solutions implemented by social change leaders equipped with the right tools for engaging across sectors, nations and diverse perspectives. Our values for human dignity, quality of life and community sustainability reflect also our competencies and connections with the social sector. The following is a partial list of preferred organizations and initiatives we often refer to in our programs and we hope they can be useful to you to further your engagement.

Nonprofit Associations

Nonprofit Resource Centers

Nonprofit Essential Readings 

United Nations Relevant Programs


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