Nonprofit Ethics Cases

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are held to higher moral standards. Because their social and community values associated with their missions, NPOs that commit unethical or illegal activities make us have more resentments towards them. Although the nonprofit sector incorporates all the values and failures of any other businesses and organizations, the public has entrusted these special types of organizations with a mandate to “do good and do it well.” 

In the MNA program we believe that leadership and ethics are at the core of our learning and our dedicated careers for the social sector. Hence, our graduate students learn and reflect on the proper behaviors by analyzing unethical and illegal case studies and the reasons that brought such individuals and organizations to act against their public mandate.

The following are examples of the case studies we identify and analyze during our graduate studies. We share them with the public in the hope of promote more ethical practices and avoid unethical ethical and illegal pitfalls in our mission-driven works.

  1. The Church at Pierce Creek and the Johnson Amendment: How the First Amendment Intersects with the Tax Code and Present Applications by Greg Justice and Kimberly Megna Yarnall; Presentation of Case 1
  2. Where’s the goodwill at Goodwill Omaha? by Brandon Jones and Robert Williams; Download the Presentation of Case 2.
  3. Embezzlement and Murder: An Examination of MidCentral Educational Cooperative (MCEC) and Gear Up by Nick Daher and Kia Harris; Download the Presentation of Case 3.
  4. The Gregarious Gregorys: Wounded Warriors Support Group, Central Coast Equine Rescue & Retirement by Amanda Tompkins & MNA Students 2017;
  5. UWA: Creating Lemonade out of Lemons: A Road to Rebuilding Trust. by Lense Eshete and Elizabeth Silva; Download the Presentation Case 5.
  6. Feed The Children: Repeat Offenders: Illegal and/or Unethical? by John Calandra and Soo Kim; Download the Presentation Case 6
  7. Helpers Community Inc.: The Devil Wears Prada: Socialite is Served – With Justice by Beatrice Duncan, Alyssa Perez, Jenny Shen; Download the Presentation Case 7
  8. Reynolds’ fraudulent cancer charities by Wendy Lee and Geoffrey Johnson; Download the Presentation Case 8
  9. The Downfall of the Vanguard Public Foundation by Jackie Downing & Stephanie McNally. Download the Presentation Case 9.
  10. Families for Excellent Schools: Deception and Political Malpractice by Hayley Walker and Kyle Pate; Download the Presentation Case 10.
  11. Wounded Warrior Project: Using Veteran Pain for Executive Gain  by Alexa Davidson, Valdeir Faria; Download the Presentation Case 11
  12. Where did the money go? $500 million raised for Haiti after 2010 earthquake, 6 homes built so far. by Sascha Rosemond and Kathryn Luna; Download the Presentation Case 12

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