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MNA-NPO Partnership Projects

The MNA program is designed to integrate experiential learning elements in every course and also in project specific courses such as the Practicum and the Capstone. This gives MNA students the opportunity to positively contribute to nonprofit organizations and social sector initiatives. Here is a partial list of projects assessing social impact or evaluating specific elements of an organization or project to improve its effectiveness.

If you represent a nonprofit organization (NPO) that would like to partner with the MNA Program in a project of this kind you may request the service of our graduate students and assistance of our expert faculty through this application form: MNA-NPO Collaborative Project Application

2017 MNA Projects

  1. Erica Williams – Using Citizen Media and Open Source Investigations to Promote Human Rights: UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Investigations Lab
  2. Priscilla Valencia – Comparative Analysis of Workforce Development Programs in the Public Sector
  3. Julie Brown – Reframing Social Impact
  4. Dalal Altuwaijri – Nonprofit Organizations In Saudi Arabia – An Analysis Of Impact Assessment Tools
  5. Lorena Gomez-Barris – Storytelling for Organizational Impact and Sustainability
  6. Michelle Collier – Social Emotional Learning and Play
  7. Yun Jin Carson– Sustainable Labor Practices for Nonprofit Organizations
  8. Shakti Fleisher – Continuous Adaptation: Financial Sustainability for Global Nonprofit Startups
  9. Emily A. Grossman – Innovation in the Social Sector: Measuring Organizational Capacity for Nonprofits to Innovate
  10. Tricia Harris – Navigating the Complex Marketplace of Donor-Advised Funds: Strategic Recommendations for Nonprofit Leaders
  11. Roxanne Moore – Building Our Case: How Can Grassroots Organizations Using Restorative Justice Frameworks Demonstrate Their Impact on Incarcerated and At-Risk Populations?
  12. Christine Preziosi – Integrated Workforce Development for People with Disabilities: Exploring the Common Barriers and Offering Sustainable Solutions
  13. Ian Benjamin Shore – The Impact of Mentorship: Why Organizations Should Grow Their Own Talent
  14. Bidya Subedi – Mainstreaming Girls’ Voices: Girls’ Empowerment Programs in Nepal
  15. Meera E. Swanson – Nonprofit Evaluation: A Essential Element for Impact
  16. Anne Weltner – Nonprofit Mergers: A User Guide for Organizations Seeking a Merge
  17. Sergio Cuellar – N.O.P.A.L Collaborative Structure: Will a Collective Impact Model Structure Work for a Cross Regional, Nonprofit Sector Collaborative, Neighborhoods Owning Power, Action, and Leadership?
  18. Tracy Harris – Collaborative Frameworks in Nonprofit Emergency Response: Examining Earthquake Preparedness and Response in the San Francisco Bay Area
  19. Erica Kalingking – Balancing Nonprofit Efficiency and Effectiveness: Implications of an Integrated Model Approach to Nonprofit Financial Sustainability and Mission Impact
  20. Erin Rene’ Nelson – Capstone Research Stakeholder Model for Leadership Succession: Identifying Founder’s Syndrome and Succession Strategies
  21. Colette Whitney – Strategic Engagement: Activities for Sustainable Individual Giving

2016 MNA Projects

Catholic Charities Santa Rosa: Needs Assessment Evaluation Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Program, Carley Gill
  1. Poster-1-Gill
  2. Presentation-1-Gill
MNA Program: Measuring the Social Impact of a Nonprofit Educational Program, Joan Bayston.
  1. Presentation-2-Baystone

Community Recovery Resources: Internal Communication Strategies, Shirmila Cooray.

  1. Poster-3-Cooray
  2. Presentation-3-Cooray

Health Connected: Management and Operations—Scaling Social Impact, Rebecca Kirkpatrick.


Foundation for Sustainable Development: Impact Analysis Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Sustainable Communities, Sarah Keller, Francisco Guzman & Lauren Pinsker

  1. Poster-5-Guzman,Keller,Pinsker

Aspire CoffeeWorks:The Perfect Blend, Valentina Cardenas and Katrina Cabauatan

  1. Presentation-6-Cardenas

Nonprofit Management Education: Nonprofit Capacity Building Through Hybrid Education, Jack Cupples

  1. Poster-7-Couples
  2. Presentation-7-Cupples

Center for Nonprofit Leadership: Cultivating Ethical, Effective Nonprofit Leaders – Developing a Modular Toolkit, Ariel Lovett.

  1. Poster-8-Lovett
  2. Presentation-8-Lovett

Change Scale:Building Sustainability – Membership Strategies for Backbone Organizations, Melissa Tang

  1. Poster-9-Tang
  2. Presentation-9-Tang

Summer Search: A Vision for Transformative Scale, Kenyon DeVault


Common River: A Strategy for Capacity Building, Virginia Turner and Thomas Natale

  1. Poster-11-TurnerNatale
  2. Presentation-11.Natale&Turner

2015 MNA Projects

Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD): Developing a Participatory Community Goal Identification Process Foundation for Sustainable Development. Molly Brennan, Shelly Helgeson, and Danielle Lam.

  1. Poster-Brennan&Helgeson&Lam
  2. Presentation-FSD
  3. Report-FSD Report-CoachArt FacilitationBook-FSD
  4. FacilitationBook-FSD

Kiva Zip: A Comparative Impact Analysis of American Based Micro-lending Programs. Benson Tran and Fernando Enciso-Márquez.

  1. Poster-Enciso-Marquez&Tran
  2. Presentation-KivaZip
  3. Report-KivaZip

Coach Art: USF and CoachArt Collaboration Project Volunteer Survey and Engagement. Kaitlyn Azevedo, Jennifer DiStefano, Ariana Gonzalez.

  1. Poster-Azevedo&DiStefano&Gonzalez
  2. Presentation-CoathArt
  3. Report-CoachArt

Good Food for Good Foundation: LearnUp Center Market Analysis. Amy DePree, Kerry Inokuchi, Sandra Lieu, Kevin Mosca.

  1. Poster-DePree&Inokuchi&Lieu&Mosca
  2. Presentation-LearnUpCenter
  3. Report-LearnUpCenter

The Arc San Francisco and Project SEARCH: Bridging the Gap: Expanding Supported Employment for Adults with I/DD from San Francisco to Marin County. Carolyn DeVoto, MNA’15 & Risa Harrison, MNA ’15.

  1. Poster-ARC-DeVoto-Harrison
  2. Report-DeVoto&Harrison

BEETS Program at Community Grows: Promoting Sustained Engagement in a Community Ecological Literacy Program. Mike Harris, MNA ’15.

  1. Poster-BEETS-Harris
  2. Report-Harris

Common Sense: What Nonprofit Leaders Can Learn: Successes and Challenges of Nonprofit-Government Collaborations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ellen Coplan Holderman, MNA ’15.

  1. Poster-CommonSense-Coplan
  2. Report-Harris Report-Holderman

Kiva: Unbankable: Microfinance in the U.S. Adele Axness, MNA ’15.

  1. Poster-KIVA-Axness
  2. Report-Axness 

Marine Ventures Foundation: Future Leadership Growth at Marin Ventures. Rebecca Ennis. MNA ’15

  1. Poster-MarineVentures-Ennis

Women and Armed Conflicts:Why Has the Women, Peace, and Security Act of 2015 Not Been Passed? Molly Ehlinger Brennan, MNA ’15.

  1. Poster-WomenSecurity-Brennan
  2. Report-Brennan

2014 MNA Projects

KVIE Public Television: Tools to Evaluate KVIE’s Ready To Learn Program. Johnny Avows-Smith. MNA ’14.

  1. Poster-avotssmithjohnny
  2. Report-avotssmithjohnny

LEAPS Initiative – Community Grows: The State of Environmental Education in the San Francisco Bay Area: Implications for Grassroots Environmental Education Nonprofits. Jessa M. Barzelay, MNA ’14.

  1. Poster-barzelayjessa
  2. Report-barzelayjessa

California Lawyers for the Arts: Expanding School Mediation Program Using a Train-the-Trainer Model Molly Patterson, MNA ’14.

  1. Poster-pattersonmolly
  2. Report-pattersonmolly

Universal Giving:Building A Loyal Volunteer Corps: Gleanings From The Internship Program At Universal Giving. Kelly Ann Yeo-Oxenham, MNA ’14.

  1. Poster-yeokellyann
  2. Report-yeokellyann

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