Egyptian Women Cyclist

Not a lot of women in Egypt get an opportunity to ride their bicycles around town. Although Egypt isn’t as strict as Saudi Arabia it is still hard for women to be out and about on account of how prevalent sexual assault cases are there. It really gives me an insight as to how free we really are. Women here are allowed to drive bikes, cars, scooters, bicycles etc. This article gave me a perspective of how even in the activities that we find free here might not be as free in other places around the world. The article truly was an eye opener for me.


“What Every Kid Wants”

My fondest memory of learning how to ride my bike was with the kids from my apartment complex. The kids in the neighborhood and I would go out on long bike rides and then bike from home to school and then back. I also remember going on bike rides with my dad and occasionally with the other kids from my neighborhood. I feel like my experiences were similar to Strickland’s because he talked about how the bicycle is the first machine that we learn how to control and then it takes over and becomes a huge part of our lives. One can never forget how to ride a bike because it is truly one of our earliest achievements.