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I have never been ashamed of being a girl. My parents taught me how to empower to myself and never let any obstacle get in my way, regardless of how difficult it might be. Sadly, many people around the world think that women still can not amount to anything and are better off living at home and taking care of their children. I did not realize how real this was until my aunt came up from LA this past spring break and stayed with us for a couple of days. I have NEVER in my life seen a woman treated the way she was. Her husband literally made her do everything, and being the independent indian woman that i am i could not stand for this. What crossed the line for me was that when he got himself off of the couch to walk all the way over to her and say “charge my phone” i said very sternly “if you can get up and walk all the way to her to, you can walk all the way to where you charged your phone”

My parents didn’t raise me to not fight back, whether it be for myself or for others. As you all can probably tell by now i say whats on my mind and holding back is not something that I have ever even considered.

To think of my aunt and uncle who are both highly educated and my uncle still treats my aunt like absolute trash is disgusting. But it got me thinking of the girls in countries who can’t study because their parents might not let them because of something that they can’t control like their gender. Many other things they can control if they just had the right resources. For example many people do not have electricity or decent roads for them to get from one place to another. This demotivates them to reach their full potential.

As you all know I attempted to build the bike that generated electricity. There were MAJORRRR problems. for example it would not work and when i finally got to the root of the problem it all ended up being that I had purchased the wrong battery and the wrong motor. also my bike is real jank. After spending about two and a half days on it i asked God for forgiveness and a sign to help me. He sent nothing.

So all in all this was a real learning experience and i hope when i have more time and the right materials i can actually build this

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you and I’m proud of you too! Your speech was touching; I appreciated you sharing your story.

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