Speaking Center appointments

For all of the speaking center appointments that I went to I had Nechal as my coach and she helped me figure out what I wanted to talk about for most of my speeches and the speeches that I was sure of she listened to them and have me advice on how I can better myself. I practiced with her a lot and she made everything a lot more comfortable so when I went up in front of the class I was a little less stressed but as time went one and I felt more comfortable with the class. We easily went over every problem that I had, whether it be writing the speech, talking in front of people, or even brainstorming for my next speech.

Write up S4

I have never been ashamed of being a girl. My parents taught me how to empower to myself and never let any obstacle get in my way, regardless of how difficult it might be. Sadly, many people around the world think that women still can not amount to anything and are better off living at home and taking care of their children. I did not realize how real this was until my aunt came up from LA this past spring break and stayed with us for a couple of days. I have NEVER in my life seen a woman treated the way she was. Her husband literally made her do everything, and being the independent indian woman that i am i could not stand for this. What crossed the line for me was that when he got himself off of the couch to walk all the way over to her and say “charge my phone” i said very sternly “if you can get up and walk all the way to her to, you can walk all the way to where you charged your phone”

My parents didn’t raise me to not fight back, whether it be for myself or for others. As you all can probably tell by now i say whats on my mind and holding back is not something that I have ever even considered.

To think of my aunt and uncle who are both highly educated and my uncle still treats my aunt like absolute trash is disgusting. But it got me thinking of the girls in countries who can’t study because their parents might not let them because of something that they can’t control like their gender. Many other things they can control if they just had the right resources. For example many people do not have electricity or decent roads for them to get from one place to another. This demotivates them to reach their full potential.

As you all know I attempted to build the bike that generated electricity. There were MAJORRRR problems. for example it would not work and when i finally got to the root of the problem it all ended up being that I had purchased the wrong battery and the wrong motor. also my bike is real jank. After spending about two and a half days on it i asked God for forgiveness and a sign to help me. He sent nothing.

So all in all this was a real learning experience and i hope when i have more time and the right materials i can actually build this

S3 Write Out and Reflection

You guys might think how does a mysterious girl like Puja finesse??

How is she constantly prospering?

Because i use the PUJA system


Please listen to my instructions carefully ONE MISTAKE AND YOU COULD FAIL and end up like the woman my mom always talk about.

You know? The one who didnt get married because she didnt know how to yike.

First is P where you penetrate their feelings. For example  you see someone you want to be associated with it may be a male female or pigeon

Up to you i dont judge. Just chose wisely

Second is U which stands for utilize where you go up to the person you want to finesse and you utilize one of the following

“are you from tenesse?? Cuz your the only 10 i see”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven”

“If you were a fruit you would be a fine apple”


“Are you Jamacain cuz youre jamacim me crazy

Third is J which is also jestful behavior.  show them your sick dance moves and how you would get down and jiggy with it but go in this order or you might end up finessing the pigeon

*proceed yiking, whipping, dropping, folks*

Fourth is A where you get to show them affection but be safe!!!!!!

Hopefully you the audience have learned well and will implement this in your next pursing adventure

To see this in live action meet me at Club X on friday nights

Keep in mind the PUJA system has had a 5 star rating on YELP

And has yet to fail so please go out there and finesse and give me all the credit

Thank you

Any questions


I thought that I did pretty well in my speech this time although I wish I had made it a little longer. I enjoyed giving this speech even though it had nothing to do with bicycles. I thought that the audience had a lot of fun listening to this speech. I enjoyed talking about the PUJA system a lot because it was funny and really nice to see the reaction that people had towards it. For my next speech I want to take a more serious tone.


Rendell did a great job trying to explain what it means to be a part of a community. I became friends with a lot of people that I would not even imagine being friends with. Their experiences and intellect really broadened my views on topics that I would not be aware of. I am a part of the computer science community and I believe that it truly is one of the most supportive communities that I have been with. I am glad that I am a part of something this understanding.

The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice’ – Write out

Many of the Youtube stars that I watch have been very successful in the past three or four years, and I always wondered why success was so easily attainable to them. After reading Julie Beck’s article “The Linguistics of ‘YouTube Voice'”, I understood that this was not because of the things that they were talking about but HOW they were talking about a certain topic. One of my favorite YouTubers, Jus Reign, uses long vowels and consonants to get his viewers to laugh. Along with telling his viewers stories, he talks about issues that he find important. Due to him using his YouTube Voice many people are willing to laugh, listen, and learn. On the other hand you have many YouTubers who have not found their YouTube voice just yet but they might say the same thing as other big YouTubers but do not connect to their audience as well. YouTubers are the future of public speaking and maybe we can learn a couple things from them.

Audience in class writing

As a speaker my audience is very important to me because I need to persuade or even talk to them about things that I want them to care about. Having an audience that supports me and genuinely wants to hear me talk would be ideal. In many cases that might not be the case and I might have to talk to people who do not care for what I have to say or are even totally against what I am trying to convey. In a working environment there are many big personalities that would not doubt, clash with each other. I enjoy constructive criticism and the field that I want to go into I will have to hear a lot of. I want to continue to keep my audience engaged and excited in what I want to talk about.