Self Assessment Speech 2

I thought that I did okay in this speech. I don’t like how I swore in the middle because that was not professional at all. The use of my humor and my presentation style I enjoyed a lot. I feel like I had a lot of anxiety before going on stage so I can understand why I acted the way that I did. Overall I think that my speech was alright. For my next speech I want to memorize it before presenting and keeping it more professional but keeping the humor and see where I can take it. I enjoyed how I kept the audience engaged with me while I was using erratic hand movements. Hopefully next time will be even better.

Write out and sources speech 2

HI everyone my name is Puja Badola and I will be talking about how bicycles and electricity can easily impact one another. You might be asking yourself “gosh darn Puja, how are you gonna connect these two vastly different topics?” Well Ill tell you!

If you’re anything like me you enjoy going outdoors and spending time with your friends doing recreational activities. No not Mary Jane but fixing a bike chain. Biking is an integral part of San Francisco. You see men, women, and children riding their bikes around town. Bicycles don’t discriminate because of sexual orientation, race or religion, Anyone literally anyone can ride a bike, According to SocketSite in 2013 about 3% of people biked to work. Being a more health and environmentally conscious city i can only imagine how much this percentage has grown.

I have spent over countless hours wasting electricity, do i feel bad about it? yes am i gonna change my ways? most likely not. Much of our life depends on electricity. We use it for the most basic things, like watching tv, using our computer, or even navigating through the streets or our home. But how much electricity does San Francisco use? According to a PG&E spokesman the city of San Francisco consumes about 18,000 megawatt hours of electricity each day. One megawatt hour powers about 750 homes in California. Thats 749 more homes than i have.

A couple months ago I went to the tech museum with my family located in San Jose,  they have a bike that generates electricity. the faster that you pedal the more energy is given to the lightbulb. Because so many people ride their bikes here it would  be easy for them to generate electricity and help preserve the environment. This gave me an idea.

Over the course of these semester i will be building a bicycle that generates electricity. For it i will need a stationary bike, a stand, a drive belt, motor, and a light bulb. I will be also using a virtual reality headset so the tedious task of peddling can seem a little more fun than it already is. Hopefully by the end ill finish it if not then I’m sorry but its not the first time I’ve let someone down.

in the wise words of Jeb Bush

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I got my sources from SocketSite which helped me figure out how many people rode their bikes to work in San Francisco in 2013. I also got another source for a PG&E spokesman who talked about how much electricity on average San Francisco uses. Many of the pictures that were in my slideshow they were all taken by me.

Topic and Outline for Speech 2

In this speech I will be talking about how biking and electricity are related and can be a resourceful way of getting exercise and creating energy.

Points I will be going over:

  • why this topic
  • how is biking important
  • how is electricity important
  • how do they go together
  • what I plan to do


Visual Evidence of the Bike Helmet Ted Talks

Both presentations used visual aids that would end up helping them and their audience understand what they were talking about. I thought the doctor who wanted to persuade his audience to wear helmets more often because of scientific reasons. While the other man wanted more of an urban cycling concept where he used aesthetically pleasing pictures rather than stats and bullet points. I really liked how the other man used pictures that were very nice and instead of showing the stats he talked about the stats.

My First Bike

The picture above is of my second bike that I got for my 12th birthday. My dad and I would go on bike rides in the mornings before I went to school and before he went to work. This really helped me clear my mind before school started. I stopped riding my bike when high school started but my dad still tries to ride his bike every morning. This bike holds a lot of sentimental value to me because it was the first birthday present I received when we moved into our first official home. My friends and I would also go riding our bikes around the neighborhood and occasionally the city. One of my favorite memories of me and this bike is when I decided it was a good idea to ride it down a hill. Sadly, I did not see this big rock and I ended up tripping on it while on my bike. I cried. A LOT because I thought I broke my bike but everything turned out to be A okay and I ended up the way that I currently am.


Self Reflection

One thing that I felt I did well was the usage of pictures of the different type of bicyclists in America and India, and how a planned out my presentation. I also think that my sense of humor was a plus point because it made me more comfortable with the audience and it created a sense of trust between the both of us. I wish I had practiced a little more than I already had. I do feel like I conveyed the message that bicyclists in India are not as safe as bicyclists in America. I think my delivery was alright, there were obviously a lot of things that I could work on, such as a gesture and posture. I do think that this presentation helped me learn a lot about credibility and how it can be used in a presentation rather than a paper, which I tend to feel comfortable with. For future presentations I want to be able really think it through and know what I mainly want to focus on. I also want to practice more than I previously did for this presentation.

Speaking Center

I can gladly say that my first experience with the speaking center was truly a memorable one. Nechal, my tutor, helped me come up with an idea on what to talk about and how that topic can be beneficial to me. We came up with three different ideas that I could talk about but then ended up singling the one that was most important to me. She helped me choose and brainstorm topics that I could talk about easily. Throughout this process she was very supportive and had many ideas on how to make my presentation and information easy to understand. I brought up a lot of experience that I have seen in India and America and she helped me incorporate it into something that was easy for my audience to understand as well. I would recommend going to Nechal the next time you stop by the speaking center.

Write out and Outline

I want to go in depth about how differently we use bikes in America and in India. I will be talking about how in the United States being the first world country that it is, bikes are used for exercise and recreation. Usually in America the middle and upper class can afford owning a bicycle. While in India bikes are usually used for transporting mail, mail, people and other remedial work. I want to focus on how these different uses for bikes affect the people living in these two vastly different countries. I will use pictures from India and San Francisco as my visual aid. As for sources I want to use close family and friends in America as well as family in India which will help me and the audience grasp a better idea of the major differences in something as small as using a bike.



paint a personal picture (about biking in America)

talk about how people in America use bicycles

  • uses
  • people
  • terrain

paint another personal picture (about biking in India)

talk about how people in India use bicycles

  • uses
  • people
  • terrain

Title Slide Hello everyone my name is Puja Badola and I will be talking to you about how bikes differ in different parts of the world. I will be contrasting America and India, going in depth of who uses bicycles and what affect it has in our everyday lives.

Slide 1: We all have gone on bike ride whether it was with our family or friends or even alone. Most of our memories of bicycles are happy memories, where we were allowed to be independent but not too independent. Some of our memories might be from us falling because we wanted to show our friends a “sick” trick.

Slide 2: In America we use bicycles for recreational or athletic purposes. On Sunday mornings you see many people riding their bikes for fun or for exercising purposes. As a first world country we use these bikes for fun

Slide 3: Those who can afford bicycles are usually middle and upper class families. A basic bike costs around $80 while a high end bike costs over a thousand. Nonetheless it gives us the message that bikes can make exercise seem fun rather than having to spend perilous hours at the gym.

Slide 4: when we ride our bikes we usually ride them on well built roads or sidewalks and occasionally dirt paths depending on where we plan to go. There are a lot of areas in America where you can ride your bike freely. The relationship between cars, bikes and pedestrians is usually an amicable one.

Slide 5: I want you all to close your eyes and imagine riding your bike. Except now, it’s hot and there is sweat in places you didn’t even know could sweat. Attached behind your bike is a huge seat where this old couple is sitting. So not only is it hot but also you are pulling your weight and the weight of two other people. So basically every group project I’ve ever been in.

Slide 6: In India a lot of basic jobs are done using a bike. The milkman will deliver milk to you on his bike, many servants will go run errands on their bikes. Bikes are an easy way to get a job done in India and helps many of those people with small jobs earn an income.

Slide 7: The people that usually have bikes are poor or lower class people in India. They usually have basic bikes that are used to mainly just get whatever job they have done. Much of the lower class population cherish their bikes and respect how much their bikes have done for them.

Slide 8: unlike in America a lot of the roads in India are filled with cars, people, street vendors, and sometimes even animals. So it is hard for someone with even something as convenient as a bike to navigate easily. Now many people own cars and want to take their cars wherever they go, but if more people start riding their bikes a lot of the traffic problems in India would clear up.


Thank you! any questions