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January 29, 2018

Patricia Graham, Madison Martin, and Rosalie Palmisano

A transgender is defined as someone whose gender differs from the one they were given when they were born. Transgenders can identify as male or female, or they may feel that neither label fits them. Transgenders may transition or change from the gender they were given at birth in order to express their chosen gender. Many transgenders are prescribed hormones by their doctors or undergo surgery in order to bring their body better into alignment with their chosen gender. Everyone, whether transgender or not, has a gender identity.

Transgenders face a variety of concerns in today’s society. Being transgender can be very difficult because the acceptance of others is not easy to face. Their appearance can be somewhat unclear sometimes which undermines their confidence as an individual. In some cases, they feel that the label they are considered doesn’t fit who they are. Some of these individuals may identify as queer, bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual.

Because transgender people have always existed throughout history, but only recently has seen an increase in visibility in daily life and popular culture, the transgender community is a place where this denomination of people can feel accepted and support each other when they don’t get the sense of belonging they need from society. Resources online and elsewhere have been established to make this community easily accessible to people who have difficulties finding a safe place to be themselves. These resources are places where transgender people can talk to others about issues they are facing in their daily lives, seek support, or simply find friends they can be themselves around. The transgender community is becoming more important in society today as these people try to find a space they feel truly comfortable.




January 26, 2018

Meaning of Name Assignment

My name is Patricia Graham, I was named after my great-aunt because she is my mom’s favorite and only aunt. My mom also just really liked how the name sounded. The name Patricia comes Latin and Spanish origin which means “noble” and “patrician”, it has a social status attached to the name and generally meant you were nobly born. The last name Graham is an English and Scottish surname derived from Grantham, a market town, in Lincolnshire, England.  The meaning of the name Graham is “homestead”.

When I was younger I was embarrassed by my name because I thought it was a very mature name for my age and I wished that I had a more common name. Eventually, I got over this and realized that not many people are name Patricia as compared to how many people are named Katie or Jessica. Now, I am not embarrassed or ashamed by my name. I like how you don’t often hear the name Patricia.

I have never changed my name or have adopted a new name.

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