Meaning of Name Assignment

My name is Patricia Graham, I was named after my great-aunt because she is my mom’s favorite and only aunt. My mom also just really liked how the name sounded. The name Patricia comes Latin and Spanish origin which means “noble” and “patrician”, it has a social status attached to the name and generally meant you were nobly born. The last name Graham is an English and Scottish surname derived from Grantham, a market town, in Lincolnshire, England.  The meaning of the name Graham is “homestead”.

When I was younger I was embarrassed by my name because I thought it was a very mature name for my age and I wished that I had a more common name. Eventually, I got over this and realized that not many people are name Patricia as compared to how many people are named Katie or Jessica. Now, I am not embarrassed or ashamed by my name. I like how you don’t often hear the name Patricia.

I have never changed my name or have adopted a new name.