Free Writing:

Growing up with 4 sisters, my life has always been hectic. There was never a dull moment at home, in the car, in the store, and so on. Whether fighting over clothes, arguing about who’s right and who’s wrong, or racing in Mario Kart, there was always noise in the house. There was always something to do in the house. Now that I have moved out, 520 miles from home, an 8 hour and 41 minute car ride away or a 1 and 1/2 hour plane ride away. I find myself with an ample amount of time at hand situated in a tiny dorm room full of silence. I cannot bare to hear the silence. I have to break the silence by listening to music, watching a show, or exploring the city. Silence is something I am not accustomed to and it’s not something I’d like to be accustomed to. The ability to communicate is a basic human function that is utilized on a daily basis. Noise is productivity, entertainment, enjoyment. Silence is stagnant, boring, uncomfortable. I think it’s best to use your voice, to break the silence, to speak up.

Ideas and Words That Can Be Developed Further

  • The benefits and drawbacks of silence
  • The benefits and drawbacks of noise
  • Why do we need silence?
  • Why do we need noise?
  • Example of when you need silence
  • Example of when you need noise
  • What does silence mean to me?
  • What does noise mean to me?