My story is about how I grew up in a very noisy household and now that I am a legal adult and on my own, it’s strange to hear silence. I begin by telling my story, and how I ended up in a bustling city yet there’s still a big cloud of silence present. I am going to elaborate on the topic of silence vs. noise. I think it’s best to speak you mind rather than to be silent. Silence has some benefits and is useful in some situations, however, silence does more bad than good, in my opinion. The topic of silence is a very common problem in today’s society where we see people not speaking up for others when they should.

The topic of silence indicates some tension where people are afraid to speak up for others. People should not be afraid of using their voice, they should want to break the silence. Learning experience involving silence would be learning when to break the silence and learning when to embrace the silence. Silence is present in many, if not all cultures. Many things are silenced such as those who are afraid to “come out”, children who are married off at such a young age, etc. While it may not be easy to break silence, it must be done. Silence prevents those from using their voice and stating their opinion.