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Growing up with 4 sisters, a single mom, and attending an all-girls catholic high school, there has always been powerful women in my life to support and encourage me. My mom, being one of these women, is very wise, intelligent, and protective of her children. Many mom’s in today’s society fear for their daughter’s safety every waking day. Being a woman in today’s society is a dangerous thing. There are unspoken rules a woman must follow in order to stay safe. My mom would never let me go out past midnight unless I was with a group of 3 or more friends and there must not be any guys with us for the reason that they could sexually assault or sexually harass us. I was not allowed to wear revealing tops or shorts, skirts, and dresses that were considered too short. I had to always be aware of my surroundings and carry my keys in my hand in case someone decides to attack me. Other rules are an unspoken topic in our society that only women hear about. They tell us to act like a lady but think like a man. Be a boss but don’t be bossy. Wear something sexy but if it’s too sexy you’re a slut. Wear makeup but don’t wear too much makeup. Have curves but don’t be fat. There must not be a single unshaved hair on your body. Don’t have sex on the first date but give him what he wants or he won’t like you. Don’t get pregnant and don’t have an abortion. Get married but don’t get divorced. Out of all these unwritten rules, the worst rule of all is that if he rapes you, it’s your fault. They said you were asking for it, you made it up, you didn’t say no. All these rules were written for the approval of men. Our lives should not be based off of what men want and think. We as women shouldn’t have to learn how to be respected through our appearance. Men should be taught how to respect women. Men should be taught not to objectify women. Men should be taught not to rape. Society deals with this problem by blaming women for not doing enough to protect themselves when in reality we should be educating men how to respect others.