Feb3 In-class Writing

I see a person, his whole face is red. one of his hand point to another person and another hand is clenched. his mouth is opening, looks like try to say something.


When I was a child, my parents do not really allow me to play games and social media. In their mind,  everything that makes me want to play on the computers is a drug, because I cannot focus on study anymore since I use computers. At that time, I always thinking about how can I get an amazing picture to post online, topic that I chat with my friend and really want to finish homework as soon as possible. Maybe, because I was a young child, I cannot behavior myself. Thus, my parent allows me can only use the computer for two hours per day, which actually make me more eager to use the computer. My parents do not stay in the home on weekend, So they hid internet cable for keeping me away for social media. Of course, I always try my best to find the cable. Then, during that time, I was really like a crazy. However, the situation has changed since I  grow up. My parents gradually do not limit the time, that I spend on the social media. And I also do not spend too much time on the social media, as play too much make me feeling boring. Meanwhile I grow up, I am allowed to go outside with my friend, which is more interesting than spend time on social media.

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