Mar 27th in-class writing

In Shuai’s response, he basically writes about the culture and family value in China, such as in new year people go to other people’s houses and then exchange their gift. Moreover, in family value, parents are too dote on their children. Both of those are not a good phenomenon.

Mar 24th in class writing

From my point of view, I did well on the compare Chinese and American education system.

Base on the feedback, about the content, I write too much about the different between China and America, I need write more about my own experience.

Moreover, I think I should work more on the past and present term. For the next time I  should be careful and think more before I type words out.

March 6th in-class essay

Clive, T,. (2014). The parent trap: How teens lost the ability to socialize. In R. Atwan (Ed.),  America now: Short readings from            recent periodicals (pp 55-56). Boston, MA, Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Deborah, T,. (2014). “Bossy” is more than a word to women. In R. Atwan (Ed.),  America now: Short readings from recent                    periodicals (pp 63-65). Boston, MA, Bedford/St. Martin’s.

March 1 in-class writing

summary for jean pierre ndagijimana

Through reading jean’s response, I truly feel the stereotype in Rwandan. In the culture, traditional people think, have more children is a good thing and they reject any other forms of marriages such as homosexual. But actually, not all of people agree with this thought. People, who live in the cities have the chance to experience other culture. Thus, those people can take other forms of marriages