May 1 in class writing

  1. If I choose the best show on television, I would choose Reality shows, which is amazing and always has some interesting show.
  2. Several important elements are helpful to make the marriage to be successful, such as patience, good communication, and a sense of humor. Husband and Wife should trust each other.
  3. During the financial crisis, there has been too much budget cut at this university. However, it is a good way to save money and pass the financial crisis.
  4. Doing community volunteer work is a good way to spend your time if you have too much leisure time.
  5.   even though I did not make the Olympic ski team, my years of training taught me important skills, which are good for my life, such as discipline, time management, focus, and persistence.

essay 4

In the past, women are not treated fairly. Such us in ancient China, women usually just take care of all the stuff in the family, on the other hand, men go outside and make money. Moreover, somewhere men can marry several women, but women are not allowed to marry with many men. However, nowadays the situation is already changing with the development of culture.


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