Sept.20th APA Citations

In the problem of language and power, I think that power is something can lead the language.

According Locher and Bousfield ‘s book published by 2008. In the first chapter of the book, they introduced the meaning of impoliteness and power of language and a brief description of what the book says. In the introduction, they said,

“the discussion of power within each chapter is critically relevant to the phenomena under scrutiny: firstly, there is and can be no interaction without power; secondly, and more pertinently, impoliteness is an exercise of power as it has arguably always in some way an effect on one’s addressees in that it alters the future action-environment of one’s interlocutors. ” (p.8).

Therefore, I think power has a guiding effect on language because it’s the guide of one area. Without power, the influence and the guidance quality of language can be decreased. Also through this passage in the article confirms my idea.

Locher, M. A., & Bousfield, D. (2008). Impoliteness in Language : Studies on Its Interplay with Power in Theory and Practice. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.

Sept.13th In class writing

My story is about the diary.At the beginning, I use my own story to show that the importance of the diary for me. The benefit of writing diary and something I learned when I write it.

My story is really about that what can we see through the diary. In own diary we can got the memory of a period of time and talk with ourselves by writing. When someone begin to write and don’t care about the form, we can find that it is a process of looking at yourself. And we can see lots of diary which left by historical figures. Through those diary we can see the history and the culture in many different opinion. The diary is based on what we thought and the what the truth in our eyes. Through the own opinions, maybe we can find the cultural problems and the truth of an issue in one era.

The biggest challenge is that I’m afraid that I can’t express my opinion very clearly to reflect the story really talk about.And the other is that I’m confused about which background should I add.

Sept.11th Free idea

Free idea

Musical notation: the way to communicate with others and help others to know about the language of music. Piano,mouth organ, guitar,etc. To read by the sounds and to learn the tone,rhythm,pause by music.The trouble is the emotion the music.All of it has the regular pattern.

Poem and diary: In poem the most important thing is the artistic conception and rhyme.Classical Chinese poem, modern poem, drama, the poem in all over the world. Differences and similarity.In diary, the way to express one’s feelings but don’t let others know. Relax release. Other’s diary.

In essay

Diary: the word compose by ourselves and the way to talk to ourselves.To express the true emotion in the writing and in the form we don’t need to care about grammar and the word because is the article to ourselves.Others diary about the history. After some people died we can see some events in the history and through the diary we can know their character and life time.

Diary can link with music: I used to use music to “write” the diary. This diary not about the exactly what happened but the music diary express the emotion. Music is the directly way to hear that the emotion of the composer. So the music diary is the way to get myself relax and emotional sustenance of myself.

Sept.4th In class writing

Audio Essay

Main purpose

The purpose of the essay is to use the sound and music to talk about myself.And through the essay others can see the culture,racial, and language identities of ourselves.


  • Practice and deliver a pitch for your essay
  • Write a draft script for your essay
  • Complete a draft recording of your essay.
  • Record and edit a final recording of your essay.


  • The writing challenge: I’m not good at writing so I don’t know how to reflect my cultural, racial, and language identities by writing my life exactly.
  • The reading: I’m afraid of recording my voice so I don’t know if I will have problem in reading and recording.
  • The background music in my audio: I used to try to find a music in a short video so I think it really hard to find the suitable music for own experience.
  • The editing: I think noise reduction will be the challenge of my editing.


Aug.30 In class writing

Racial Problems

I read the reply of Mindy. She thought the racial problems that children of immigrants face is outrageous at this time of life. It’s quite similar with my idea that it is not fair for children of immigrants face this problem.In our opinion, we also think that those children are the hardest one but they were not traded fairly.

In her response she said that “Identity has a strong value in a person’s life and makes every one think and learn more about themselves.”and”Cultural identity is knowing and feeling where you belong.”In my opinion I thought the cultural difference is more important that identity but after I read her response I change my mind that the identity and cultural difference play the same important role of one person.Because in her opinion she show me that “identity” not just means who you are but also represents a person’s ethnicity, nationality, religion.

Aug.28 In Class Writing 3

The refugees of Lebanon

Freda, Kevin,Edwin

In 2011, a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon travelled to the U.S. seeking a more prosperous life. Back in Lebanon they leave behind a devastating war, political turmoil, and an oppressive force that targets women’s ability to access education.

While adjusting to a new host country, they were not welcome in the U.S. Donald Trump stated that “The US will not turn into a migrant camp or refugee holding facility.” This comment influenced the way his supporters viewed these new refugees. By saying that he attempts to highlight the dangers in bringing new refugees from a politically and religiously turbulent country.

On the other hand the refugees were preparing to face a new life. The American dream is in every foreigners back pocket and a million new immigrants were able to prosper in what many consider the greatest nation of all. Although America assured them a safer life they would still have to face racial discrimination. There was woman was assaulted in a bar for speaking her native Arabic tongue. She was told to speak english or get out of the country.



I’m QiYu Zhang from Beijing,China.You can call me Freda on this blog.“张祺钰”is the Chinese character to write my name.

I’m a new student in USF and I want to study Math in this university .I have many hobbies especially sports and dance.My favorite subject is Astronomy because I thought the world in the sky is mysterious and amazing.

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