Sept.13th In class writing

My story is about the diary.At the beginning, I use my own story to show that the importance of the diary for me. The benefit of writing diary and something I learned when I write it.

My story is really about that what can we see through the diary. In own diary we can got the memory of a period of time and talk with ourselves by writing. When someone begin to write and don’t care about the form, we can find that it is a process of looking at yourself. And we can see lots of diary which left by historical figures. Through those diary we can see the history and the culture in many different opinion. The diary is based on what we thought and the what the truth in our eyes. Through the own opinions, maybe we can find the cultural problems and the truth of an issue in one era.

The biggest challenge is that I’m afraid that I can’t express my opinion very clearly to reflect the story really¬†talk about.And the other is that I’m confused about which background should I add.

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