In class writing Nov.15th

About Response

  • In Raha’s response, she believed the American Dream was something that people could achieve some days which I have the different opinion with her
  • In Joanne’s response, she mentioned that she strongly believe the idea that success should depend on the effort and the hard work that the individual puts, whereas to depend on being born into wealth or privilege which is similar with me
  • In Romeo’s response, he mentioned that to approach the American Dream the three essayists agree on that it should be a goal to lower income inequality which is similar to me.

Feedback of essay #2

  •  Difficulties:

Hard to use APA form

  • Improvement:

Need to work on the APA form; If I use other resources, I should not only connect it with my peer opinion but also find the link between the article and the resources

Oct.30th In class writing

  • My point: 

I agree with Desiree Bergstrom’s statement that taking a variety of courses in college is “about learning to be a well-rounded student ready for anything in the workforce”.

  • Joanne’s point:

She thought that learn more knowledge in college can not only make people become a knowledgeable person but also prepare people to face any challenges that they may face in any workforce

  • Shirley’s point:

She thought both BS and BA can reflect their own value and we can follow our heart to decide to learn more or only learn one thing in college study. Learning is the most important thing instead of how much we learn.

Joanne’s idea is similar to me and Shirley’s point gave me a different idea of this issue.

Oct.25th Group work for essay #3

Business script: Penny Hua Ting

Interview: 3 members

Edit: Freda

Recording: Hua Ting

Math: The structure of the math department, activity: why should we choose it, interview, the benefit, the  introduction

Business: the future job, allow individuals not only develop personal skills but also the presentation and communication skills

  • Script: until Nov.2nd
  • Interview: before Nov.
  • Shoot: until Nov. 5th

Oct.23rd In class writing JingWen Edwin Freda


  • Video can give viewers a strong feeling
  • To show the topic in visual and more intuitive
  • More interesting than just writing the paper


  • To introduce the major that we choose and the reason why the audience should
  • The interview with the professor
  • Time limit

Video essay: https//

This is an advertisement for the Sony camera. We like it for 3 reasons.

  • As an advertisement, it shows the advantages of the product very clearly
  • The images are clear and beautiful, giving us a comfortable feeling
  • Volume and tone of dubbing are very good


Oct.18th Reflection on education

In China, the education system in universities is still based on exam-oriented education.
Due to lack of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, China’s creative talents are seriously lacking. Moreover, China’s tradition of hope their children will have a bright future has caused many people to focus on their achievements and ignore the learning itself. In addition, there are still patriarchal phenomena in some areas in China, so some areas do not attach importance to women’s education.

The most important is that the final requirements of many universities in China are just over. It’s easier to go to college in China than in the US, but the knowledge you learn will be much less.

Personally speaking, I prefer the education system in America because here I have the right to choose and my mind is not restricted. We have very few opportunities to practice in the college in China, and also we have the particular answer in everything. So I prefer to American education.


Oct.18th In class writing Shirley Penny Freda


  • It is necessary to go to the college
  • critical thinking as important as acquire specific marketable skills
  • It is possible to balance critical thinking and marketable skills

Go to the college can help us earn back in the future. It is not only learning how to earn money, but also to complete the role change from an immature person to a person who can become a responsible person in society

Oct.2nd In class writing

According Dawn Martin’s essay published by 2016.He argues that the racial problems in the student is absolutely unfair and children in immigrant families are always unfairly treated. In the essay, he point that

“Something is pressing on these students, making them burst at the seams, and it’s not imaginary”

He use these word to say that in the situation of immigration, the immigrant face the serious problem. It  not just because of the government, it also link the education and society of the people who always in the U.S.In his essay, he also point out the ignorance and subconsciousness of people.Although they(or the white) all know about the wrong with racism, although they aware that the unfairness, the threatening of the black still in their mind and can’t eliminate.

Robert Atwan America Now