February 26, 2018

Food and Social Class

My family tends to have a very mixed menu. For example on Christmas, we will have tamales, pozole, paella, torta española, arepas, and Vatrushka (basically bread eaten as dessert). These examples represent my family’s background, or rather the unison of two very diverse families coming together. Most of the food we tend to eat is a passing down of recipes from generation to generation ,  and it also has a very significant historical background as to my roots. For example, one the cultures I identify most as is Mexican. Tequila is very prominent in Mexico, it is synonymous to a “carne asada” which refers to weekends with all 20 grandchildren, aunts, and uncles drinking tequila and eating homemade tacos. For example, my family has a tequila production and they send out bottles to their business partners and friends on the holidays. The glass bottle reads “Familia Flores”, which basically means our family sends them a small appreciation during the holidays. We tend to stay very traditional during the holidays, however, such a mixture of cultures has led to some weird creations. For example, I would be the weird kid at school eating a sandwich made of Vatrushka bread, instead of Wonder bread. I would feel weird sometimes because my lunchbox wouldn’t fit the norms, however, I think part of it shaped me into accepting my roots. In a way it made cooking interesting since I have so many different influences. It is very international , I would say, but then I also do eat raw pillsbury cookie dough with my brothers on a given weekend.


February 21, 2018

Seeing and Being Seen

I tend to be stereotyped as mean when people first meet me. Since I got to college, people who are now my friends tell me that the first impression I gave them was that I was not interested in being friends and that I was too uptight. This  I think is because I tend to be very shy at first, so I just stare at people and don’t really talk that much. I do not mean to be that way but I guess that is just a way of me not being too open when I first meet someone. In my friend group I tend to be the one staring at people, to which they either find me creepy or they come talk to me.

I  get annoyed at the first impressions I give given I cold stare people. Eventually, they say I’m complete opposite of the first impression I gave them. I guess it is part of being perhaps introverted at first, because I am supposedly the funniest one of the group. However, first impressions are sometimes the last impression of some people and it does limit the potential friendships or acquaintances I could make if I wasn’t so creepy, but I am guessing that’s just personality.


February 12 , 2018

My narrative is about my experience as a foreigner in the US, and the day I realized not everyone was happy about international borders. It began with a nine year old me crossing the San Diego border to go to elementary school. The day was like every other, and the line into the US had been unusually long. When it was our turn to pass through the car scan, the custom at the border insulted my dad. He threw the passports at us, and said we were pests coming into the country. He continued with obscenities, to which my dad had to remain quiet because muttering a word could have our sentri cards removed. In my 3 years studying in the US, never had this happened. That day changed the way in which I saw two neighboring countries with a big rift. Subsequent to the insults, we were sent to secondary inspection. Where my dad requested to talk to the supervisor of the custom patrols. He laughed it off saying it was a “white man’s” customary daily joke. It was that moment that a certain kind of innocence was replaced with “why’s”. We were looked down upon by people who were consumed with racist ideas about mexicans. For years I have tried to understand what their problem truly is. However, as the years progressed the same hostility was beginning to plague Mexico. So much that in 2013 Mexico put up an international border with armed soldiers at every corner. Perhaps it was a means of protecting national pride, however, the problem with it is not so much the structures regulating in and out from one country and another. The problem is that instead of creating peace, it has become a matter of hostility.

I think such a narrative will offer the audience an understanding of racial discrimination, and hostility of brother countries. I think it is important to be exposed to these problems, to expose their severity.  It demonstrates the tension of neighboring countries. Perhaps it can be eye opening in order to work for change rather than worsen international  and racial relationships.


February 9, 2018

Free Writing on Essay 1

I think it will be a good idea to narrate my experience in the US as someone with a very mixed cultural background. I have been thinking about sharing during my time in elementary school and the stereotypical barriers being  a “foreign” kid caused. I think it will useful to practice the voice audio with the background sound effects. After listening to the audios from yesterday, I saw that many of the audios were distracting because the background sounds took away from the message the narrator was trying to convey. I have to figure out a way of merging both sources in a manner that correlates, and avoid  having one outshine the other. I also think I have to employ the lexicon in a way that states my ideas clearly without having to over talk. I have to figure out a way of using this as a “story telling” technique, because a lot of the audios yesterday were very boring in the way the narrators delivered their ideas. I think the first step is to begin writing a rough draft with the main ideas an elaborating from there. Also look for some background effects that are not too distracting. I think the first step will be to write down the first ideas that come to mind and then organizing into something concrete.


February 5, 2018

Summary Response to Brandi Chang

In Brandi Chang’s response to the reading, “Black and Blue,” she demonstrates her surprise and annoyance at the slow pace the US has in regards to diversity. She claims the US prides itself over a diverse nation, yet falls victim to stereotyping and racism. Worst of all, they are victims of their own crime. Chang uses the evidence in Garnette Cardogan’s reading, and gives a brief summary of his life in Jamaica versus life in the United States. Through the analysis of the reading, a conclusion is derived from Cardogan’s reading: People are simply being mistreated and their human dignity has been overlooked, which in Chang’s opinion is completely absurd. As for “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed” , Chang believes the US is filled with a superficial consumerism nature that doesn’t allow them to see past their own selves, which adds to the problem of not empathizing with others. The response to video editing is that it will take a lot of time to edit because of the minor techniques of video editing.