February 5, 2018

Summary Response to Brandi Chang

In Brandi Chang’s response to the reading, “Black and Blue,” she demonstrates her surprise and annoyance at the slow pace the US has in regards to diversity. She claims the US prides itself over a diverse nation, yet falls victim to stereotyping and racism. Worst of all, they are victims of their own crime. Chang uses the evidence in Garnette Cardogan’s reading, and gives a brief summary of his life in Jamaica versus life in the United States. Through the analysis of the reading, a conclusion is derived from Cardogan’s reading: People are simply being mistreated and their human dignity has been overlooked, which in Chang’s opinion is completely absurd. As forĀ “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed” , Chang believes the US is filled with a superficial consumerism nature that doesn’t allow them to see past their own selves, which adds to the problem of not empathizing with others. The response to video editing is that it will take a lot of time to edit because of the minor techniques of video editing.


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