February 9, 2018

Free Writing on Essay 1

I think it will be a good idea to narrate my experience in the US as someone with a very mixed cultural background. I have been thinking about sharing during my time in elementary school and the stereotypical barriers being  a “foreign” kid caused. I think it will useful to practice the voice audio with the background sound effects. After listening to the audios from yesterday, I saw that many of the audios were distracting because the background sounds took away from the message the narrator was trying to convey. I have to figure out a way of merging both sources in a manner that correlates, and avoid  having one outshine the other. I also think I have to employ the lexicon in a way that states my ideas clearly without having to over talk. I have to figure out a way of using this as a “story telling” technique, because a lot of the audios yesterday were very boring in the way the narrators delivered their ideas. I think the first step is to begin writing a rough draft with the main ideas an elaborating from there. Also look for some background effects that are not too distracting. I think the first step will be to write down the first ideas that come to mind and then organizing into something concrete.


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