self assesment

I think overall my presentation went better than I expected it to because I usually get a lot more nervous before speaking than I did. Presenting outside really helped to ease my nerves, I think this was because it felt like a less intense environment. I used my notes less than I expected to which I was really happy about because I expected to find myself reading off them completely. In the future I want to try and lay my notes out in a way that makes it easier for me to reference them quickly rather than having to take a few seconds to look through and find points in them. I think for next time I need to work on projecting my voice further and considering the outdoor surroundings because I am used to speaking in a classroom without all the background noise. I also want to work on using words like um less when I speak.  Finally I want to work on having a stronger conclusion to my speech because I feel like I ended it really abruptly  without summarising what I had said.

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