Project 4 Write Out


I decided to look at the organisation bikes for life Australia, which is similar in concept to 88bikes but they are a smaller organization. It was founded by Ebony Butler in 2010. Prior to starting bikes for life she had worked in film making, in 2009 she travelled to Uganda to work on a documentary about the lives of people living in poverty and the struggles they face on a daily basis. Seeing how difficult it was for people to get to school or get food and water as a result of having to walk everywhere was what inspired her to take action. According to their website the mission of bikes for life “is to collect, restore and provide bicycles to the most marginalised and impoverished communities around the world.” The organisation itself is completely volunteer based and has bases in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Here they train their volunteers teaching them both about the restoration of bikes but also about the communities they will be taking the bikes into. Each year they send about 1500 bikes out to places such as Uganda and Fiji, they have also tried to focus more on Aboriginal communities in Central and Northern Australia. An example of this is the work they have been doing in Alice Springs, they not only take bikes to the people but also offer workshops where they teach children, primarily ones who have dropped out of school, about bikes and the way they are engineered so they will be able to help with the maintenance.  Bikes for life accept donations to go towards purchasing new bikes but also have a blog on their website, here they encourage people to post about events they are involved in to try and raise money for the organisation. They also accept donations and have drop off points for old bikes, to encourage people to donate bikes they are no longer using they have partnered up with bike sellers who offer a discount if you donate. Finally they have been in contact with rubbish dumps in Melbourne and are now working to collect bikes and bike parts that are thrown away to use. Overall, even though their work is done on a smaller scale than other organisations bikes for life are able to make a difference in the lives of many people across the world.

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