Self and Peer assessment

I think that throughout this semester I’ve gotten more comfortable with making speeches in class. I still get nervous before presentations but it is a lot less than it was at the start of the semester. Although I am still relying on my notes at time I think I have gotten better at using them less in my speeches throughout the semester and now instead of having my entire speech written out on paper I’m learning how to make a presentation only having a few points written on my notes. I think one of the learning outcomes that I’ve learnt more about is audience. I had never put much thought into the ways we should address different audiences and ¬†how this has changed over time. Throughout the semester I’ve really enjoyed Malia’s presentations, she always presents on things that she is really passionate about and that makes her presentations really engaging to watch and listen to. I also really liked how in her final presentation she used a video to further explain what she was saying.

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