Module 5 Writeout

For my final presentation I will be looking at the reasons why people don’t feel safe riding their bikes. According to Business insider there has been a 40% increase in people commuting by bike since 2000, however still under 1 million people ride bikes and there are over 204 million cars in use despite the benefits of cycling. Cycling is significantly cheaper that taking a car in terms of maintenance as well as this it has health benefits as it allows people to exercise on their way to and from work. It is also very convenient due to share bike systems, in the next 5 years San Francisco aims to have 10-15% of all trips be taken by bike. Mikael Colville thinks that one of the main reasons people don’t ride is that safety equipment is a deterrent. As well as this cyclists feel threatened by cars, not being separated from the road and pot holes and other surfaces are not smooth on the road. 53% of riders said they viewed riding in San Francisco as unsafe. To try and get more people to use cycling as their main mode of transport it is important that their concerns are addressed. The biggest way to do this would be through the introduction of separated bike lanes, as well as this a reduction of speed limits could be a possible solution. In conclusion, cycling is definitely an effective mode of transport but as a result of safety concerns many avoid using it. In the future numbers of riders could be increased through addressing these concerns.

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