September 20th: APA Citation

Today being Bilingual would benefit us in many different ways, finding jobs, interacting with people from different countries and knowing about different cultures. People with different language have different perspectives and two people with different language have different understanding about same problems because each one of them see the problem in their own way.

According to the article “Language Personality in the Conditions of Cross-Cultural Communication: Case-Study Experience” by Davidovitch, Nitza; Khyhniak, Kateryna shows the problem of identification of a language personality’s traits under conditions of cross-cultural communication. The authors both mention in the article that,”It is possible to develop a new perspective on the heuristic possibilities of the concept of language personality to ensure the effectiveness of cross-cultural communications”(p.13). Which means we have more ways to communicate with people and can have a new perspective on a new concept of different language. However, we have to understand the culture and cultural codes. By developing a new perspective we change our personality from “mono” language personality to a “multi” language personality.



Davidovitch, N. & Khyhniak, K. (2018). Language Personality in the Conditions of Cross-Cultural Communication: Case-Study Experience. Retrieved from https://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ1167626.




September 12: In class writing

Hello Everybody!!!!

My story is really about the reasons that force my family and I to move to the Unites States and the struggles I was and I am still facing such as new culture, new environment and new language. Moving from one country to another is one the most difficult challenges that people might experience in their life. I would like to share with you my experience as an immigrant and how I overcome the language barrier. I develop this idea because I think Migration was the most effective, emotional and also challenging experience in my life.

I think I need to indicate more conflicts or tensions and develop my story in a way that can be more effective. The particular learning experience that it offers to the audience is what difficulties people as an immigrant might experience and how they learn a new language. Learning English was the most difficult part but I think this may be my biggest achievement of all. 



September 11: Free Writing Audio Essay

Hi everyone,

Some ideas that I want to include in my audio essay is how I learn a new language. Learning a new language can be hard and also can be sweet at the same time. Language is the way people communicate with each other. I used to learn English back in my country but It wasn’t really effective for me. After moving here and interacting with people who can just speak English help me to learn English.

On my tenth day in the U.S., I was standing in front of the school office, holding a pink piece of paper with the words NEW STUDENT SCHEDULE. It was like I was frozen in time. It was hard for me to talk with people. I was really shy to talk with people. 

I believe learning a new language happens by itself. Our brain changes itself to learn a new language. Some neurons dies and some others born and this process help us to learn a new language. After two years I can talk with my friends and I can communicate with people in English and this is really fascinating for me. 

Outline for the audio essay:

  • First I want to write about what difficulties I was facing in my country and those problems force my family and I to move to another country.
  • Second I want to describe barriers of learning a new language and issues we face here.
  • Third I had some research about what biological and psychological changes we go through as immigrants.
  • Fourth I want to explain how I overcome these problems I was facing as an immigrant here in the U.S.
  • Fifth I want to conclude with how learning a new language and moving to another country change my life and how they affect my life.

September 4: In class writing

Hello everyone,

Let’s talk about the new assignment we have to do in RHET class. The new assignment is an audio essay that we will write, record, and edit a nonfiction audio essay that mixes a music that have shaped your life during a significant time with a narration track. The goal for this assignment is to share and explain our experiences of facing racial stereotypes and cultural problems as we discussed in the class.

This assignment would contain effective learning outcomes:

  • It gives a deeper understanding of our cultural, racial, and language identities to our audience
  • It helps people to learn from our experiences
  • It help us to learn and use new media tools

The challenges we might face through this assignment are:

  • To make an audio essay that provide some unexpected insight into us
  • To see how effective and important can be to use a particular music or soundscape
  • To use our voice in a way that is effective

I think in this assignment is really important to know that our voice can be more effective than writing our ideas and our voice plays an important role in this assignment.


August 30th: In class writing

Hello everyone,

Today I wanna talk about different struggles that immigrants and their children go through.  I found too many similarities in my response and Joanne’s response. We both mention that:

  • They go through many different struggles like language barrier and also adapting to the new environment. It’s hard to leave your hometown and start a new life in another country with completely different language.
  • There is no magic bullet to help learning English faster. learning English is a slow process that it needs to happen and sometimes it takes five to seven years.
  • We also both mention immigrants contribute to economic progress and they help economy to be stable.
  • Another important struggle that immigrant and their children face is how other people treat them when they find out they came from another country.

After reading Shirley’s respond I found out that she mentioned that,

  • Learning a new language may make them inconvenient in learning basic knowledge, resulting in the poor cultural foundation of these children.
  • Immigrants may have some economic effect but that’s not enough  to justify undermining the immigration system. A country needs it’s own culture.

After I looked at most of the responses, I found out that we all  believe no matter where are we from we are all human beings and immigrants and their children deserve to have same opportunities like people who were born in the U.S.



Hello everyone,

My name is Raha Sadeghi and I’m currently majoring in biology at University of San Francisco. My family and I moved to the California two years ago from Iran. I was living there for past 17 years of my life and two years ago because of the situation in my country I couldn’t call it home anymore.

I’m interested in human body and how it works and that’s why I moved to the United States to become a doctor.


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