August 30 // In Class Writing

In the reading, it discussed about personal hardships that people have experienced as an immigrant going into the United States.

Something in Karina’s post that stood out to me was that she said students, native or immigrant are in the same classroom and held up to the same standard but they are at different levels of proficiency. I think that because they are held up to the same standards will help push the students that are not proficient to try harder in order to show to others.

In Raha’s post, she touched on her own experience on moving to the United States and how hard it was to adjust to the new setting. In my post, I discussed about the hardships and how it actually makes them one of the stronger and more hardworking students. Because she faced these challenges, she was more motivated to work harder and reach her goals and dreams. Something else I agree with her is how people start to view each other when they find out about about certain parts of their identity.

Something that was very unique about her post was that at the end she wrote ‘no race exists in the world and we all are humans and we can change those stereotypes by our own behavior’. It is something that I never thought about and something that is really real. We are the people that create and change the view on stereotypes.

Aug 28 // In Class Writing

Karina, Romeo, Mindy

In the United States, refugees have become an important and well-known issue within the past few years. According to Pew Research Center, the top 5 nationalities of refugee admission within the past year were, Dem. Rep. Congo, Bhutan, Burma, Ukraine and Eritrea. Currently, the United States is on track to admit the lowest number of refugees since the Refugee Act in 1980.

The largest group of refugees fleding to the USA is from Dem. Rep. Congo. Most are forced to relocate because of war between their countries. Many young children who leave were forced into armed forces. Another issue for relocation is the scarcity of resources, such as having clean food and water. Many homes and settlements are being destroyed during the conflict. According to, Congo, over 10 villages were wiped out due to the security forces while other militia fighters have destroyed another four settlements.

When being forced out of their home country to relocate, refugees come across multiple issues when settling down. According to Global Citizen, these are the top challenges refugees and immigrants face in the United States. One of the biggest challenges they face is the language barrier, they can not communicate with others doing everyday activities like traveling through the city or seeking medical help. Another obstacle they face is securing a job and safe shelter for their family. Another big topic is adapting to new culture and experiencing culture shock. It is hard to integrate new culture and social norms when adjusting to a new lifestyle.

A Brief Introduction

My name is Mindy and I am an Advertising Major at USF. I am from San Jose, CA. One of my most loved activities to do is dance, specifically hip-hop. I started dancing when I was 5 and I have not stopped since! Dancing is so universal where you can be any where in the world and are able to communicate with others. When I’m not in the dance studio practicing, you can find me at a computer editing videos and pictures or being involved on campus.¬†In high school, I was involved in Student Government and the Leadership program. While I am still at USF, I hope to be involved in Student Leadership programs!

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