sept 27 // in class writing idioms

  1. Eating Someone
    1. Something that is really bothering or upsetting
  2. Making Ends meet
    1. Hard enough to pay bills
  3. The Early Bird Catches the Worm
    1. The one that comes the earliest has the best chances for success
  4. It’s a small world
    1. When you meet or know someone that someone else is familiar with
  5. Top Dog
    1. The big boss of something or someone with authority

There are so many different interpretations of different words that you can discuss. You can also use it in everyday language to spice up your language and conversations with each other. Usually, idioms are very catchy and quick to remember so they are able to go around really quickly. I found it really interesting how many idioms have become part of daily conversations because of how often it is shoved in our face.

sept 25 // in class assignment

Mindy and Raha 😉


  1. No, because it is common knowledge.
  2. Yes, because it is not his own words and is using it as a reference.
  3. No, because it is his own writing.
  4. Yes, because they are suspecting that it is from the internet.
  5. yes, because it is still someone else’s work but not quoted.


  1. No, because you only have to cite once when writing in the same essay for the same article.
  2.  No, because it is common knowledge.
  3. Yes, because they are quoting it from something else.
  4.  No, you don’t need to cite it but refer to it as personal experience.
  5. Yes, because it is writing and ideas from the book’s author.
  6. Yes, because it is someone else’s argument that you are summarizing.

Sept 20 // APA Citation

Language has a key role in everyday life from you communicating when buying your groceries or taking a case to court. In this instance, Supardi (2016), a faculty of Law in Indonesia states his view point about the importance of language usage in a courtroom and uses real life cases in the past to support his case. He first touches on how the opening case is the first impression of what the whole court room’s first impression of you are, “As it becomes the first opportunity and the first impression to be made for presenting the case to the jury, legal communication scholars believe the opening statement as the most important stage of the trial” (p. 71). As your first impression to talk about your case that could decide the rest of your life for you, it is to your most advantage to create the strongest and most supported opening case during your trial. Once you have a set first impression, it can change the jury’s point of view of your trial for the rest of the way. That could either go positively for you or negatively against you.


Supardi S. (2016), Language Power in the Courtroom, The Use of Persuasive Features in Opening Statement, from


Sept 11 // Free Writing

I remember getting my first library card. I was able to ‘sign’ my name on the back of the card and check out my own books. It was my favorite part of the week. Every Saturday morning, my mom would take me to the closest library and I would check out 10 books tops, all ready for story time. From books like The Rainbow Fish to Goodnight Moon to Where the Wild Things Are, they were my favorite things to read as a child. I remember at bed time, before getting into bed I would walk over to the book basket and pick out my favorite book for someone to read to me. Either it being my parents or my siblings I loved to be read to. It was my favorite thing. You know how bed time stories are usually supposes to put children to sleep, yeah I did not sleep after these. It took about 3 more books for me to completely knock out.


Outline for Audio Essay

  • first paragraph
    • personal life story #1
      • going to the library
      • story time
      • freewrite overview
  • second paragraph
    • personal life story #2
      • preschool
      • alphabet
      • learning to write
      • communicate with others
  • third
    • how it affects me today
      • why reading is important
      • my fallouts
      • writing skills
  • fourth
    • why is it important for me learn and continue expanding on my reading and writing skills.
    • conclusion

Sept 4 // In class Writing

The expectations for this assignment is to have a full audio recording of a non- fiction writing piece that you have drafted up in order to tell more about yourself. Within the writing, you are expected to talk about your experiences with facing issues of identity, culture, and racial stereotypes. You are able to add background sounds, such as music, in order to add more depth and emotion to the digital narrative.

Physically on the application, the expectations that are held up to us the editing software to have specific techniques in order to make the audio the most suitable for the situation. Like taking out unnecessary background sound or adding background music at the right times.

Some challenges that I may face when creating this audio narrative is to make it compelling and interesting for people to hear it and use to learn to use my voice as an ‘instrument’ to show emotion and and emphasis on the story. In order to overcome these challenges to get the best grade possible, I will rehearse on my tones in my voice to show more emotions based.