Sept 11 // Free Writing

I remember getting my first library card. I was able to ‘sign’ my name on the back of the card and check out my own books. It was my favorite part of the week. Every Saturday morning, my mom would take me to the closest library and I would check out 10 books tops, all ready for story time. From books like The Rainbow Fish to Goodnight Moon to Where the Wild Things Are, they were my favorite things to read as a child. I remember at bed time, before getting into bed I would walk over to the book basket and pick out my favorite book for someone to read to me. Either it being my parents or my siblings I loved to be read to. It was my favorite thing. You know how bed time stories are usually supposes to put children to sleep, yeah I did not sleep after these. It took about 3 more books for me to completely knock out.


Outline for Audio Essay

  • first paragraph
    • personal life story #1
      • going to the library
      • story time
      • freewrite overview
  • second paragraph
    • personal life story #2
      • preschool
      • alphabet
      • learning to write
      • communicate with others
  • third
    • how it affects me today
      • why reading is important
      • my fallouts
      • writing skills
  • fourth
    • why is it important for me learn and continue expanding on my reading and writing skills.
    • conclusion

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