Sept 20 // APA Citation

Language has a key role in everyday life from you communicating when buying your groceries or taking a case to court. In this instance, Supardi (2016), a faculty of Law in Indonesia states his view point about the importance of language usage in a courtroom and uses real life cases in the past to support his case. He first touches on how the opening case is the first impression of what the whole court room’s first impression of you are, “As it becomes the first opportunity and the first impression to be made for presenting the case to the jury, legal communication scholars believe the opening statement as the most important stage of the trial” (p. 71). As your first impression to talk about your case that could decide the rest of your life for you, it is to your most advantage to create the strongest and most supported opening case during your trial. Once you have a set first impression, it can change the jury’s point of view of your trial for the rest of the way. That could either go positively for you or negatively against you.


Supardi S. (2016), Language Power in the Courtroom, The Use of Persuasive Features in Opening Statement, from


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