sept 25 // in class assignment

Mindy and Raha 😉


  1. No, because it is common knowledge.
  2. Yes, because it is not his own words and is using it as a reference.
  3. No, because it is his own writing.
  4. Yes, because they are suspecting that it is from the internet.
  5. yes, because it is still someone else’s work but not quoted.


  1. No, because you only have to cite once when writing in the same essay for the same article.
  2.  No, because it is common knowledge.
  3. Yes, because they are quoting it from something else.
  4.  No, you don’t need to cite it but refer to it as personal experience.
  5. Yes, because it is writing and ideas from the book’s author.
  6. Yes, because it is someone else’s argument that you are summarizing.

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