sept 27 // in class writing idioms

  1. Eating Someone
    1. Something that is really bothering or upsetting
  2. Making Ends meet
    1. Hard enough to pay bills
  3. The Early Bird Catches the Worm
    1. The one that comes the earliest has the best chances for success
  4. It’s a small world
    1. When you meet or know someone that someone else is familiar with
  5. Top Dog
    1. The big boss of something or someone with authority

There are so many different interpretations of different words that you can discuss. You can also use it in everyday language to spice up your language and conversations with each other. Usually, idioms are very catchy and quick to remember so they are able to go around really quickly. I found it really interesting how many idioms have become part of daily conversations because of how often it is shoved in our face.

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