oct 23 // essay 3 discussion

karina, indira, mindy

  • 3 key features
    • 3-4 minute video
    • multimodal text/audio(imovie)
    • a clear outline to narrate the video
  • 3 requirements
    • interview from professor/department
    • information about major at USF (flyers brochures)
    • Outside research on major (books, magazines

  • likes/features
    • a lot of research based on pixar
    • multiple exams to back up his argument
    • editing was nice/professional
    • voice over
    • casual
  • dislike
    • fast paced

overall, this video essay was one of the better ones that we found and it was interesting to watch because of how prepared the speaker was and how much information was given to us to back up his argument.

oct 18 // reflection on edu

In America, college education is very different from high school education. For me, it is exteremely overpriced for what we get out of it. However, there are different ways to ‘cheat’ the system. Many people go to community college for two years for their GE’s and then transfer over to a UC or a State. In most places around the Bay Area, community college is free under a certain promise program. Other than that, the education system is decent for what everything else is like around the world. Even though some things are not taught because of how society views them, such as certain religions or historical events.

I hope education was not focused on so much of personal and societal enforced because it is important to learn about things that happened in the past to become educated and fight for the rights that you are support and for it to not be buried from us.

Also, there are almost like different levels like states and uc or ivy leagues. In almost every family, it is very pressuring to go to college and do good in school in order to go into the work force.

oct 2 // in class writing

“That Word Black” appealed more to me because of how much it relates to my community and current social situations. It was also a creative way to introduce a heavily weighed topic like racism and discrimination.

“I am black. When I look in the mirror, I see myself, daddy-o, but I am not ashamed. God made me. He did not make us no badder than the rest of the folks. The earth is black and all kinds of good things comes out of the earth”(78).

“Wait till my day comes! In my language, bad will be white. Blackmail will be white-mail. Black cats will be good luck”(78).

Another essay I am going to use is, White America’s Racial illiteracy: Why our National Conversation is poisoned from the start. Which talks about white privilege and there view of society.

“Yes, an individual person of color can sit at the tables of power, but the over whelming majority of decision makers will be white”(186).

“Yes, white people can have more problems and face barriers but systematic racism won’t be one of them”(186)