oct 18 // reflection on edu

In America, college education is very different from high school education. For me, it is exteremely overpriced for what we get out of it. However, there are different ways to ‘cheat’ the system. Many people go to community college for two years for their GE’s and then transfer over to a UC or a State. In most places around the Bay Area, community college is free under a certain promise program. Other than that, the education system is decent for what everything else is like around the world. Even though some things are not taught because of how society views them, such as certain religions or historical events.

I hope education was not focused on so much of personal and societal enforced because it is important to learn about things that happened in the past to become educated and fight for the rights that you are support and for it to not be buried from us.

Also, there are almost like different levels like states and uc or ivy leagues. In almost every family, it is very pressuring to go to college and do good in school in order to go into the work force.

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