oct 23 // essay 3 discussion

karina, indira, mindy

  • 3 key features
    • 3-4 minute video
    • multimodal text/audio(imovie)
    • a clear outline to narrate the video
  • 3 requirements
    • interview from professor/department
    • information about major at USF (flyers brochures)
    • Outside research on major (books, magazines

  • likes/features
    • a lot of research based on pixar
    • multiple exams to back up his argument
    • editing was nice/professional
    • voice over
    • casual
  • dislike
    • fast paced

overall, this video essay was one of the better ones that we found and it was interesting to watch because of how prepared the speaker was and how much information was given to us to back up his argument.

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