November 15: In class writing

After reading Raha’s response, there are 3 points which I found intriguing to me:

  1. There is an increase in income inequality and a decline in social mobility. Obama Barack points out that problems such as health care, housing, education, and other financial problems have affected the lower-class citizens to achieve their American dream.
  2. Inequality of income and physical pain are closely related which is why there is an increase in painkiller consumption for the citizens. This is due to when people experience economic insecurity, they typically feel a loss of control. These feeling affects the individuals and can cause a lower pain threshold. Also, this causes them to feel pain more often than others that have no economic insecurity.
  3. Due to poverty, crime has slowly increased because many people could not afford to purchase any items and also many of them do not have their own house. There is also a separation between the rich people and the poor people in the 1880s. The poor ones live in tenements, whereas the wealthy people live in better condition and do not pay any attention or care to the poorer people


Essay 2 feedback:

From the comments given by Professor Tika, I understand that I have 2 issues in essay 2. First of all, some of the sentence structure is not correct and some of the APA references are not correctly cited. As a result, what I need to improve is my sentence structures using FANBOYS and also check what is the proper way of citing using APA format. In future writing, these issues can be avoided and have a better writing piece.

Nov 1: In class writing

After reading Karina’s post, several points that I like from her post and also I did not mention in my essay are:

  1. The author demonstrates his positive attitude towards learning. Although the school does not have enough resources for the students before, he still enjoys himself at school. Also, the way that he expresses himself in the essay only uses simple words and phrases but it creates intense emotion to the readers.
  2. We could never experience how Pengfei gets through all these difficulties and becomes a brilliant man today. As Karina mentions that no one encourages him in the old time; it is him who strives and succeed in life. Unlike the children in today’s society, parents are forcing them and telling them to learn and study every time.

Oct 30: In class writing

After reading Karina’s post, points that I find similar to my own ideas are:

  1. Student debt is an issue which affects many college’s students. There are negative effects to the students such as delaying them to buy a house, a car, moving out from their parent’s house and starting their own business.
  2. Every degree requires students to learn not only the knowledge about our profession but also learning the knowledge from other different areas. Math, writing and a foreign language requirement are essential for students no matter what area of profession you are going into.
  3. College is a place to prepare you to become a well-rounded person in the future workforce.

We do not have different ideas since we all mention the same thing.

October 23: Group writing

Joanne, Seth, Kevin

3 key features of the assignment that seems to be specific to a video essay:

  • Using different sources to support your video essay. For example, books, article, interview and etc.
  • A video essay should not be really long. The time limit is important because audiences may get bored if the video essay is long.
  • Elements such as music, still images, sound effects, difference pictures, comparison are essential in a video essay. These elements are then used to match with the alphabetical text.

3 main requirements that this essay asks for:

1.At least three sources to support your project: a textbook from the discipline, one scholarly article from that discipline, one interview you hold with a professor or an expert from that discipline, and the available sources from your program’s or department’s website, such as brochure, flyer or any useful description about the program.

2. The video should be between 3-4 minutes to concisely communicate the main idea.

3. The digital video should be edited with elements such as music, screen capture, still images, found or produced videos or pictures, transitions, sound effects, and others combining with text.

Through an online research of a sample video essay, what I like about this video is how he keeps it personal and records himself almost like we’re seeing him behind the scenes. It gives the audience a better understanding of his perception of Breaking Bad. He uses images from the show to convey certain ideas and also uses diagrams. The video essay is cut up into different parts so the audience can understand his argument better.


Freda, Joanne (October 25)

3 of its features that make an effective video composition are:

  1. The tone that the narrator speaks
  2. Using still/moving images, videos, juxtaposition
  3. A clear central theme

October 23: In class writing

Main ideas of this essay are:

  • The 3 logical operations which are writing, filming and editing may not be the best way to use to compose a digital video.
  • The use of elements such as still/moving image, sound and juxtaposition along with matching alphabetic text help the video to be more efficient.
  • It is important to synthesize all of these elements together and not favor one over another.
  • If the digital video only has alphabetic text, this means that basically, you are translating your script to the screen which makes the video to be inadequate.

October 18: Reflections on Education

The college education in my country is more affordable, more family pressure and also more school-related stress. The cost of college tuition is not as high as the college tuition in the United State, nevertheless, the presence of family pressure is a major issue for almost all the college students in my country. Their parents are reminding them to study all the time and telling them things such as “if you don’t have good grades in school, you can not enter this house”. Sometimes, the parents think it is a humiliation for them if their daughters or sons do not have good grades in school, thus, this creates family pressure for college students. Most of the time, every college student has their own school-related stress. Due to the education system in my home country is much harder than the education system in the United State, the students are stressful every time and in the addition of the family pressure, they are tired easily due to the different kinds of stress.

The kind of education that I prefer is to have a more relaxable education system. Students should study a major that they are passionate for, not because of that specific major can result in a higher-paying job. Students should enjoy to learn and go to college every day. They should not study under any family pressure.  Once they try their best, I think it is fine.

October 18: In class writing

Karina, Joanne, Edwin

The main ideas of the essay are:

  • Many students attend college to receive a higher education, but due to the high cost of tuition, instead of learning critical thinking skills, marketable skills, perspective taking, and other important life skills in school, they choose a career or choose one over another just because that career can result in higher-paying jobs.
  • People gradually find that even if they have graduated from a considerable college, they still can’t get a job they want. So in my opinion, the reason for those people is the lack of thinking critically during their college studying.
  • There is no absolute relationship between degrees and earnings, a college degree is to fulfill our own knowledge and prepare one to think critically in prepared to face any problems; those practical skills that we might be confronted in our everyday life are generated by the accumulation of study.

Oct 2: In class writing

The article that I chose is “Weary Oracle”.

This article talks about the term race trauma and the issue of racism which occurs in the campus. Whites always view themselves more superior than the blacks and do not show respect to them since early ages. She gives an example of her mother who experiences Jim Chow. Jim Crow is a series of measure that discriminated against the African Americans. Because of this system, it creates race trauma to her mother. She then further discusses that racism often happens in school. As Martin mentions, ” university is a place where everyone shows their ability and engages in the leisure of intellectual work, but for students of color, the leisurely study becomes labor”, usually the blacks do not have fair treatment in school and look down by the whites.

September 27: Plagiarism activity

Mindy, Joanne, Indira

  1. Y. Uncomplete citation. Year of publication is missing.  E.g Ellis(2011)
  2. Y. Incorrect citation, the author’s name should be mentioned at the beginning of the sentence and also the year of publication is required. Ellis(2011), (p.#)
  3. N. Complete citation.
  4. Y. Incorrect citation. Ellis(2011) and page number is required at the end of the quote. (p.#)
  5. N. Complete citation.


  1. Y. No citation included. Correction:  (Hall, Frayer & Wilen, 2011, p.#)
  2. Y. Incorrect citation. Correction: (Hargie, Saunders & Dickson, 2000, p.271)
  3. Y. Incorrect citation. Authors’ name, year of publication and page number are required. Correction: “Tires Return as Mulch.” Popular Mechanics 94.2 (2000)


September 27: Idioms in class writing


1. Burns me up! —- irritated or annoyed

2.Cry buckets —- cry lots and lots of tears

3. Feel the pinch — experience hardship

4. Fills the bill — exactly what is required or needed

5. A hen party — a gathering of women

These are the five American idioms that I like that most. Idioms have different figurative meanings than just its literal meaning. This is what make idioms to be unique and interesting. Normally we use idioms in conversation which allow the conversation to be funny and not boring. For example, as I provide the examples above, we can usually use “cry bucket” in a conversation to refer to someone who cries lots and also we can use “Burns me up” in a conversation to express when you are feeling irritated or annoyed by someone or something. Idioms are not only fun to use but also give readers a better expression.

We think that they have a different meaning because it’s a better and effective way to express the situation. For example, when you say “I feel irritated and annoyed by the noise from the next door” and when you say “The noise from the next door really burns me up ” , it is better to convey your feeling when using the idioms in the sentence and it makes others to feel that how annoyed you feel. Normally, these idioms come from when you heard and learned from others. Once we hear people saying it, we start to use it in our daily lives.